Monday, February 18, 2008

The gay vote

Well, gee, that was unexpected. I’ve made it into the Top 5 finalists for The Lesbian Lifestyle’s Lesbian Blog of the Year Award. Awww, you like me. You really like me. Thanks to all who nominated me and this crazy little blog. This is the second year in a row I’ve made it to the finals. What can I say, every now and then the sleep deprivation pays off. Also nominated are these very worthy, very gay ladies:

Hahn at Home
Lesbian Dad
Sugarbutch Chronicles
This Girl Called Automatic Win

Voting begins today and runs though March 3. You can vote here; one vote per (living) person. This isn’t Chicago circa 1960. So get on out there and cast your ballot for your favorite blog. And, as always, I will in no way try to influence your vote. I mean, that Naked Lady Monday post was purely informational -- I swear. We are above that here at Surrenders. We be believe in the blogotics of hope. And what’s more hopeful than an edition of Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals? Am I right? Oh yeah, I’m right.

Salma Hayek & Jodie FosterSo I didn’t say everyone involved had to be a straight gal.

Rihanna & FriendHands! Hands!

Scarlett Johansson & Natalie PortmanThose Boleyn Girls share a special bond.

Rose McGowan & Rosario DawsonHands! Hands! Take II

Marion Cotillard & Cate BlanchettFine, nothing too gay going on here but it’s always nice to see classy ladies hold hands.

Liv Tyler & Kate Bosworth & Drew BarrymoreWhat can I say, girl gets around.

Padma & FriendJust in case you missed it in the Weekend Crush. Cause, you know, thud.

UPDATE: Since it’s been asked, simply follow this link to vote. It’s quick and painless with no registration required. In fact it takes just two clicks. Click the bubble, click vote and you’re done. As for the prizes, yes, the Dyke Duck is mildly terrifying. But it is also tremendously nice that the winners get anything at all. So many, many thanks to those who have already voted.


Slym said...

Let me boldly proclaim that these naked, hot, gorgeous, beautiful, .... women have absolutely EVERYTHING... i mean, NOTHING to do with me voting for surrenders. Absolutely Every... NOTHING!

This is my proclamation and I stand by it!

Sydney said...

Dorothy Surrenders, you wee all over the competition.

DameRhetorica said...

I have to apologize: right after I voted, I read through the TLL prize list. Has anyone else done that? And clicked the link to find out exactly what a dyke duck might be?

Well, I did, and I think it's positively terrifying. So now I'm writing to apologize: I'm sorry I did anything that might cause you to win one, Dorothy.

And, PSA, let's all stop putting blunted beaks and eyeless faces on toys.

ravaj said...

would love to state my preference, m'dear, but the website seems to have surrendered to the popular vote

Amanda said...

Hurray for classy laddies!



Pyewacket said...

I only have eyes for your blog! Especially if you share more Padma and friends pics like that last one! My body temp definitely went up a few degrees after seeing that! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

nzlesbian said...

Colour me dullard, but how on earth do you vote? I couldn't figure it out. I tried registering, but haven't received a confirmation email as yet.

nzlesbian said...


When I first visited the link, it didn't have poll options- only results, and another blogs name was in bold, as if I'd voted but I hadn't (hmmm... I hope it didn't count the 'pseudo vote')

Thanks for clearing that up!

Anonymous said...


voted for you

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! You're winning!! That's the way it should be!

Ezee in SD

K said...

Padma, is so damn hotttt!!!!!
I think in that photo her friend is gorgeous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif...

Anonymous said...

Being caught between blogs that I have an equal fondness for in terms of subject, I was torn about the vote. In fact, I was tending to a political vote when I realised there was a consistent pattern of mis-spellings on that other site. Mis-spellings that in no way should have been allowed to pass.

So I said, fuck politics, and voted for you; and very rightly so.

Thank you for not succumbing to the internet's gravitational force of bad grammar and even worse spelling while still having fun.

English, motherfucker! You do speak it.


pianokeys said...
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pianokeys said...

that friend of padma lakshmi is indian actress katrina kaif and that's a still from a lame ass movie called 'boom'..