Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tina Fey Tuesday

Where my bitches at? Oh, come on, you knew that was coming. Tina Fey’s triumphant return to “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend featured the most bitchin’ feminist rants on the show since, well, since Amy Poehler berated today’s starlets for not having lady gardens anymore. In a genius and succinct stint at the Weekend Update desk, Tina both presented and shot down all the trite arguments against voting for Hillary Clinton.

On post-feminism: “Women today feel perfectly free to make whatever choice Oprah tells them to.” On a co-presidency: “Because that would be terrible, having two intelligent, qualified people working together to solve problems. Ewwh. Why would you let Starsky talk to Hutch?” On not wanting to see an old lady: “Really, they didn’t seem to mind when Ronald Reagan did that.” And, best of all, on the bitch thing: “Yeah, she is. And so am I. And so is this one. You know what? Bitches get stuff done.”

I have it on good authority [hat tip, Lex!] that during rehearsals Tina got her groove thing on between skits with cast members. Oh, to see Tina shake her money maker live. I’m going to need to take a moment. Also, apparently, one of the jokes cut from her Weekend Update bit involved a transgender male-to-female woman who has been hassled on the subway. Tina said the woman was suing the MTA for harassment because she was called “a dyke instead of her proper name, Ms. Fey.”

While the rest of the show was a tad hit-and-miss, Tina’s presence gave the series its strongest rating in two years, not to mention the strong female voice it so often lacks. The monologue? Adorable. The Annuale commercial? Well, the Annuale commercial needs to be seen to be believed. Just hold onto your fucking hat.

God, I could not love her more. I mean it. It’s not even remotely possible. I always knew Tina would be a Hillary backer. And, as Scribe suggested yesterday, I say we hold a special election to crown Tina Queen of the Fucking Universe. Bitch is the new black! Join the movement. Us bitches got to stick together.

p.s. Does anyone else think Tina made this final shot specifically for us, her lesbian fans? I mean, she knows we’re out there. And she is wearing her famous bi-curious shoes. Intentional or not, a grateful nation universe of gay ladies thanks you, Tina Fey. See what I was saying about that Queen of the Fucking Universe thing? Bitches in ’08!

[Hat tip, Tina Fey Daily for the SNL promo card caps!]


Lezlie Mac said...

If anyone has a link to the full SNL episode for the overseas tina fans, it would make my day...

She should get an oscar for that weekend update !

Dykes And The City said...

Hey Lezlie, thanks to the wonders of the interweb I got to see the episode (I live in Belgium). Send me your e-mail and I'll let you know where to get it (dykesandthecity@hotmail.com).

Slym said...

It's no secret how I feel about Tina Fey and I made a proud proclamation on AE and I'll make it here again: Tina Fey IS Queen of the Universe and I'm A Bitch and proud of that too. So there. Anyone who can't handle that too damn bad!


Amanda said...

Rock on Bitches! Tina Fey= #1 Love!

Thank God for women in the world like her.

Anonymous said...

I fucking LOVE Ms Fey!

Anonymous said...

Tina said the woman was suing the MTA for harassment because she was called “a dyke instead of her proper name, Ms. Fey.”

Seriously, I love Tina Fey. That weekend update rocked so hard. Loved her intro too. The old school "I can do it" - heh.

Pyewacket said...

Tina had me the moment she got hit in the head with the mic for the first time. After that, the rest of the show was just all whipped creme and cherries with plenty of chocolate sauce. It was the best SNL in a long time and it made me miss her since she left the show. I love 30 Rock and yet there is something ever-so yummier about Tina on SNL at the anchor desk.

gigglechick said...

the annuale commercial rocked!

i thought the bit was brilliant!! Tina Fey is fantastico.

I created some "bitch is the new black" and "bitches get stuff done" shirts/buttons/etc


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

The Annuale ad was the funniest thing since Ana Gasteyer did a topless Martha Stewart Christmas special :)

gypsywee said...

Wow! A triple "fuck," Tina Fey Tuesday! Awesome. :D

Yeah, that last promo shot was definitely for the lezzies. Tina knows how to string us along. lol

*holds up and waves "Bitches in '08" sign*

Jules said...

This was one of the first times in a looong while that i lauged out loud watching SNL...

oh btw

Who's gonna impersonate Oprah now?

Slacker said...

You know I'm a fan of you and T.Fey. Today rocks.

I missed SNL, but the annuelle commercial has me rollin'!

I aspire to let my inner bitch shine through and get stuff done like Ms's Fey and Clinton. And Ms. Snarker, of course.

Becky said...

Bitches SO get stuff done!! Damn my whole life has just been validated!

Ahhh *wipes tears*
freakin hilarious.

Wish we had more Tina Fey in Oz *pout*

Anonymous said...

Tina Fey is so much cooler and smarter than Oprah.

You rock Ms. Fey!

jetgirl said...

I was thinking of you Dorothy the whole time I was watching SNL. It was like she made the show just for you!

How about Tina Fey as VP?

Milton Friedman said...

Quoth: On a co-presidency: “Because that would be terrible, having two intelligent, qualified people working together to solve problems. Ewwh.

Actually, yes, that would be terrible. It can be shown that "intelligent" government employees spending other people's money is worse than a dumass (that's doo-moss) spending their own money they way they see fit.

Of the four ways money can be spent, two are:
1. Your money you spend on yourself. You want something useful at a good value.
2. Other people's money you spend on other people. You don't care if it's useful and you don't care how much it costs.

There are three speeds at which a person works.
1. Work for yourself. You work like a dog to succeed.
2. Work for someone you can fire you. This is working for the private sector.
3. Work for someone who can't/won't fire you. This is working for government.

Thus, assuming the government worker is highly intelligent, because of their work ethic and the way they spend the money, there is more benefit to society if individuals are allowed to reap what they sow and spend it or invest it as it best benefits them.