Friday, July 29, 2016

My Weekend Crush

Wow. I’m still in awe of the history we all just witnessed last night. The first woman to accept a major party’s nomination for president of these United States. The first. I’m proud of us, I’m proud of her. I felt something I haven’t felt through most of this infernally long and bruising election season – joy. In fact, I kind of want to jump into that big DNC balloon pit and just bounce around in there in bliss until November when we can do this all over again. Watching the entire Democratic National Convention this week (after the fear and loathing shitshow that was the Republican National Convention), I can’t help but be struck by the differences. We, not I. Us, not them. Togetherness, not fear. Look, it’s not going to be easy. The adversary we face is an unhinged narcissist with authoritarian aspirations. But, after hearing Hillary last night, I have more hope for us. I believe in her because she believes in us. Let’s win this thing. Vote. Happy weekend, all.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Orphan Whoops

So it has been kind of a stressful week, what with all this political talk and the stakes for our nation. Inspirational, to be sure. But anxiety-ridden given the stakes. So here is a nice laugh instead. The kind folks from “Orphan Black” released their Season 4 blooper reel. Sadly, no Delphine. But, hey, I’m just thrilled she’s alive at all. Also, it is a true wonder to behold Tatiana Maslany even do her bloopers in character. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Do The Most Good

Hey, Berners. I get it. I really do. Back in 2008, I was a Hillary Clinton supporter in the primaries. (Spoiler alert: I am still a Hillary Clinton supporter now.) Those of us with long enough voting records to remember, that year was a highly contested and incredibly heated primary. It was ever closer – in fact much, much closer – than this primary. And Hillary lost. She lost fair and square. That was hard for a lot of people to accept and there were some stubborn stalwarts (PUMAs, dear God, no).

But in the end, and pretty quickly for some of us, we got over our real heartbreak and got behind Barack Obama. Hillary herself was gracious in her loss, and at the convention took the magnanimous step of being the one to nominate him. She suspended the roll call vote and agreed to a nomination by acclimation (as Bernie graciously did for her yesterday). And, yeah, I cried too when I watched back then – not out of rage or feeling cheated, but because of the disappointment that the hard work and effort it took to get to that moment did not quite get us all the way there.

So, yeah, I get it. Politics is high stakes and emotional and at times exhausting beyond belief. But you have earned the party’s respect. That’s how I felt about Hillary back in 2008. That is how I feel about Hillary now. I supported Hillary then, I wanted her to be my president then as I do now. But I understood and agreed our country needed Barack Obama to win in November. I’ve never regretted either vote. I am so proud of both of them.

Voting for what you may consider to be the next best thing at the time is not surrender. It is how our democracy works. You always vote for those who will move us forward – however incremental or imperfect that may be. The history of our country is one of small steps, giant leaps and tumbles backward. That’s the mess of governing. Purity is luxury for the demagogues. The grind is what makes change happen. It’s not sexy, but it’s true.

That’s how we got marriage equality. I did not refuse to vote for Barack Obama because he did not believe in same-sex marriage when he ran for president in 2008. I did not hold out and cast my vote instead for a doomed-to-fail third party candidate. I voted for the person who could win whose policies were closest to mine. I helped to elect him because I believe progress is a process. Indeed, in 2012 before he ran for reelection, President Obama finally fully embraced marriage equality.

Holding out for perfection might seem noble, but it skips all the hard work. Changing people’s hearts and passing legislation that moves the ball in the right direction are how we actually win. It is the backbone of our nation and every great advancement we’ve made. It is how a nation literally built by slaves is now able to elect a black man as President of the United States.

I am also old enough to remember and have voted in 2000. That’s when the last major third party candidate rose up and acted as spoiler. Al Gore wasn’t liberal enough (because we used the term “liberal” and not “progressive” back then – because even progressivism is a process). Only Ralph Nader fulfilled the progressive purity principal in those days. The crucial state – with all those hanging chads – was Florida. Gore “lost” by 537 votes. How many votes did Nader get in the state? 97,488. So instead we ended up with eight years and two wars with George W. Bush.

Now, we have a candidate for the Republicans even more dangerous than George W. Bush. Now we have a candidate for the Republicans even more incompetent than George W. Bush. Now we have a candidate for the Republicans even more hateful than George W. Bush.

But you refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton because of what? The TPP? Drones? Look, there can be sincere disagreement about Hillary’s policies. There are certainly fair criticisms of her positions. But while those issues may be significant, there are so many others where she no doubt falls exactly in line with your beliefs - which are just as important. LGBT rights, reproductive freedom, civil rights, climate change.

I also believe she has proven herself a candidate willing to listen, willing to evolve. Like Obama, she did not support full marriage equality in 2008. But then, like him, she came around and fully endorsed it. And, as a whole, the Democratic Party has moved to the left and – thanks in part to Bernie – produced the most progressive party platform in history. That matters and only comes from the hard work and slog of hearing each other out.

Now, if you are refusing to vote for her because of the “Crooked Hillary” nonsense you have unwittingly bought into 25 years of right-wing propaganda that has vilified a strong woman for being just that. You are allowing a campaign built on nonstop misogyny and distrust of females in power to cloud your feelings. Citizen United, which we all hate – yeah, that whole thing began as a way to take down Hillary.

Our continued denial of sexism is how some can be so blasé about the historical significance of having our first woman presidential nominee for a major political party. It hasn’t happened in the entire history of our country, but who cares, right? Like don’t make such a big deal of it, OK?

If you watched any of the convention yesterday, you heard story after story of Hillary working hard and tirelessly for everyday people. You heard people who were not her employees or her family praising her attentiveness and warmth and genuine concern. Sure, this is her convention – they’re not going to say terrible things. But think hard about last week’s convention – when even the nominee’s children barely had a genuine personal story to share about him. It’s almost it’s as if there has been a deliberate narrative perpetuated about Hillary over decades that paints her as cold and calculating super-villain robot. So now there has to be an entire convention to remind us that, hey, guess what – she is a real human person. Whoddathunkit?

The Hillary Clinton I’ve watched for 25 years is not a heartless automaton. She is a tireless worker, willing to put in the thankless hours in the trenches to do what she believes to be right. Has she made mistakes? Sure, what human hasn’t? But I’ve always watched her grow and learn from them, come our stronger and smarter. So I simply cannot fathom those who see her as the same or even worse than Donald Trump.

One of the most depressing things about this election has been watching progressives plead with other progressives to please not help the hateful Cheeto with narcissistic personality disorder assume the presidency.

The American journey toward a more perfect union can seem impossibly slow at times. The desire to hurry it up the process is one we all share. But sitting back and watching the world burn will never be the way to get there.

Being a progressive does not mean abandoning POC, women, LGBT, immigrants to the mercy of a man who will absolutely hurt them as president. Being a progressive does not mean allowing a man who stands against everything you purport to hold dear to fill up the Supreme Court.

If you think there isn’t a real difference between Democrats and Republicans, then you aren’t one of the people Trump has been scapegoating for the world’s problems. Look at their party platforms side-by-side. Really look at them. I mean, for fuck’s sake, the GOP still supports conversion therapy.

Every day I wake up hoping it was just some fever dream that a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic egomaniac with absolutely no governing experience or ability is only one election away from having the nuclear codes. You may survive the rubble of Trump’s presidency. But that means you are willing to sacrifice the rest of us who will not.

The one thing I can say to by Bernie supporting friends – as someone who in 2008 experienced the same side of the coin you find yourself on now – is how good it felt to embrace the history of that movement. Supporting Barack Obama in the general election was a great privilege. Cutting through centuries of ugly, shameful history and electing him president ranks among our nation’s proudest moments. We did that. Sure, it didn’t end racism or solve continued inequalities. But it means something each time our country accomplishes a first.

And the first woman president – yeah, that matters. We have had 240 years of only men in charge and now, finally, a chance for a Madame President. Hell yeah, that should feel good.

This is the story of the America I want to live in. The America I know we can become. One step forward, pulling together, doing the most good for the most people for as long as we can. That is why I’m with her. Let’s do this thing, America.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm With Her (and Her)

Finally, we are ready. Finally, we have the champion we can unite behind to fight the forces of darkness. Finally, we have the shero we’ve been waiting for. But enough about Hillary. Man, I wasn’t sure about the Wonder Woman movie because of that grimdark spectacle that was “Batman v. Superman.” But then they tapped Patty Jenkins, the writer-director behind “Monster,” to direct. And they added Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright and Gail Gadot as the woman herself. Now, yep, I’m with her. Wonder Woman was always a favorite of mine anyway. If you didn’t do the Wonder Woman spin in your bedroom as a kid you’re either too young to know who Lynda Carter is or lying. I have now watched the trailer three times and each time I love it more. So as long as the movie keeps her ass-kicking ways and throws in a strong dose of feminism, she has my vote.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Get Your FLOTUS On

Right, so last week we heard an endless stream of hateful and wackadoodle nonsense from politicians. Thank goodness the Democratic National Convention starts this weekend as an antidote to all that venomous bile. Does the party have issues, sure – politics is never perfect and is always a process. But my vote will invariably go to the people who fight for my rights instead of fear my very existence.

So tonight I can’t wait to see more friendly, thoughful folks talking to me from my TV screen instead of the fact-free free-for-all that was last week. Among them tonight will be none other than the FLOTUS with the most-us, Michelle Obama. I can’t tell you how much I am going to miss the Obamas when they leave office. They have been such a refreshing, wonderful, empowering presence for this country. And, come on, they’re so cool. They’re endlessly cool. I mean, what other First Lady could you see doing Carpool Karaoke to “Get Ur Freak On” with Missy Elliott herself?

Even if you watched it already this is one of those guaranteed mood lifters. And with each repeat watch it’s fun to spot the Secret Service vehicles tailing them in the background. HOLLA!

p.s. In case you missed it, or just want to feel chills again, here is Michelle's speech last night at the Democratic National Convention. My God, am I going to miss her as First Lady. We are so lucky to have had her, we really are.

Friday, July 22, 2016

My Weekend Crush

Scully and Holtzmann sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. But, seriously, you guys – I want Scully and Holtzmann to kiss. I want them to kiss so much. As I continue my All Ghostbusters, All the Time Appreciation Week, here is my latest obsession. Earlier this week Gillian Anderson, yes GILLIAN FREAKING ANDERSON, tweeted out a picture of a young Kate McKinnon dressed as Special Agent Dana Scully along with some complimentary words for the “Ghostbusters” actress.

That alone would be pretty damn cool. But then The Internets unearthed an old interview of Kate back in her “The Big Gay Sketch Show” days when she was talking about how she knew she was gay. You guys, Gillian Anderson in “The X-Files” helped Kate realize she was gay. YOU GUYS.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shipped two real-life people so hard before.

Granted, Gillian Anderson probably helped countless lesbian and bi women realize they were gay. So now, one could see Kate’s portrayal of Holtzmann as just paying it forward.

If these two don’t start dating immediately the universe really is a cruel, pointless and hopelessly broken. Happy weekend, all.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gender Fuck Thursday

Ugh, you guys. Republican Convention week is always such a struggle to get through. It’s a reminder that there is a huge, vocal and angry swath of society that still really, really doesn’t like us. They don’t like gay people. They don’t like brown people. They don’t like women. They really, really don’t like Hillary Clinton. They also don’t seem to like facts or original material. It’s terribly disheartening, to be honest. So tonight, instead of watching yet another rich, mediocre white man in a suit accept his party’s nomination for president, please enjoy all these glorious suits on a diverse group of women – and one exquisite space alien. What? How else do you describe Tilda Swinton?

Janelle Monae

It should be illegal for her to wear something other than a suit.

Kate Bosworth

Cannot look away.

Maggie Smith

Dowager Countess got swagger, yo.

Ming-Na Wen

If you tell me “Agents of SHIELD” is just Ming-Na kicking ass in a suit I will start watching again.

Lupita Nyong’o

Who wore it…

Viola Davis

Forget that, I’m convinced this is the same suit and they stole it from each other after spending the night.

Milla Jovovich

I had the craziest urge to watch “The Fifth Element” again recently.

Charlotte Rampling

Yep, yes – everything about this. Yes.

Queen Latifah

Also yes to everything about this.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I’d vote for that.

Tilda Swinton

From space alien to Bowie doppelganger, get you a Swinton who can do both.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jonesing for Our Better Angels

Because the world, as a whole, is generally awful (I mean, the Republican party just officially nominated Donald Trump last night, for fuck’s sake), it is now incumbent upon us to rally behind another person who doesn’t deserve its bullshit. Earlier this week SNL cast member, comic, actress and Ghostbuster Leslie Jones was driven off Twitter by a bunch of racist, misogynistic men. Click over to her timeline and you’ll find her retweeting a seemingly endless litany of disgusting, vile human garbage. When you juxtapose those hateful tweets directed at her with her own sincere, heartfelt tweets pleading for help and humanity – well, remember how I said the world is pretty awful?

The good news is, for all the copious awfulness out there (Jesus fucking Christ people, vote in November so we don’t have to see that sentient Cheeto’s face everywhere after November) it is just as important to remember that there are also good people out there. Like you folks. Like everyone who is appalled and horrified by the prospect of a President Trump. Like everyone protesting injustice – in all its forms. Like everyone fighting to make the world more inclusive, more welcoming and less small-minded. And, well, there are also Corgi puppies. Corgi puppies are pretty great.

And you know who else is pretty great? Leslie Jones. While Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig may be the marquee names in “Ghostbuster,” Leslie and Kate (or, as lesbians like to call her, Call Me Kate) absolutely stole the show. And it is great how so many in Hollywood, and elsewhere, are rallying around her. And it is also encouraging that Twitter has taken action to ban one of the platform’s most prolific and powerful trolls.

So now in solidarity with Leslie, all of the “Ghostbusters” ladies and all women or people of color who has been harassed simply for being who they are, here are some pictures that are probably those sniveling little racist and sexist trolls’ worst nightmare. A strong, talented black woman and a strong, talented gay women loving on each other in public because this is America and – at least for now – we are free to be exactly who we are. Suck it, trolls. This is my America and it’s beautiful.

p.s. Aren’t these like the best prom photos you’ve ever seen? Yeah, I am totally buying another ticket to see Ghostbusters.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

Well, now isn’t this something. By now you’ve probably heard that Melania Trump stole major sections the speech she gave yesterday at the Republican National Convention from the speech Michelle Obama gave at the Democratic National Convention in 2008. Before her speech, Melanie specifically told Matt Lauer that she wrote the speech with “a little help as possible.” Right, so about that. I guess the new Trump slogan should be “Make America Plagiarize Again!”

I’m going to allow the delicious irony of this settle over us all like a warm blanket. Yes, the campaign of Donald Trump – the man who has built his entire political career on the foundation of calling President Obama an America hating, foreign-born, secret Muslim – has is now using parts of a speech from the campaign of President Obama as his own. Guess the Obamas aren’t all bad after all, eh Donald?

While the schadenfreude of this blatant plagiarism will no doubt dominate today’s (and depending on how much Trump blusters and bloviates, several days) news cycle, what I don’t want to be lost in all this is just how viciously the GOP convention is laying out its case. All of its speakers had a similar theme. Be scared. Brown people will kill you. Foreigners will kill you. Are you scared? Good, vote for Donald Trump.

Oh, and did you see U.S. Rep. Steve King – major Trump supporter as well as major league bigot (though those two go together almost without saying) – say with a straight face on MSNBC that white people have contributed more to civilization than any other race. Yes, HE SAID THAT.

Also, did you know the GOP adopted a platform that seeks to overturn marriage equality, pass a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, refuse adoptions to gay parents, supports gay conversion therapy for minors and police where trans people get to pee. Also, they could eliminate national parks and forests altogether and calls porn (not global warming, which they think is a hoax) a public health crisis. So, yeah, this is your party, GOP. You earned this.

By contrast, the Democratic party platform reiterates its support for marriage equality, vows to fight for comprehensive federal nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people, continues to push back against bullying and protects trans people from violence. Also, they believe climate change is real.

So, you know, tell me again how Democrats and Republicans are exactly the same. Jesus, there are three more days of this fucking convention. I definitely need more wine.

p.s. Did you hear there was also a Rickroll in Melania’s speech? I mean, really. What if this all turns out to be some next-level Andy Kaufman shit? At this point, that is the only explanation that makes sense – besides blind incompetence and unabashed racism, of course.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hotlzmann is Hot, Pass it On

If you aren’t in love with Holtzmann, Kate McKinnon and life in general after seeing “Ghostbusters,” you’re probably doing it wrong. The movie – which was funny and fun and feminist and for heaven’s sake go see it immediately – has a true breakout star in McKinnon. Which, for gay ladies around the world, is fantastic news. Years from now, young queer girls will look back at Holtzmann licking her proton gun and say, “Yep, that’s my root.” If you hadn’t already, for sure after seeing “Ghostbusters” you’ve officially anointed Kate among the ranks of our greatest and hottest lesbothrobs.

But, you know, don’t take my word for it alone. Everyone seems to have fallen in love with Kate/Holtzmann/life after seeing the movie. Like here. And here. And so very here. Her performance is so wonderfully weird, so magnetically magnificent. Of course, us gay ladies were onto Kate ages ago. Remember “The Big Gay Sketch Show?” Remember how thrilled we were when she was tapped for “Saturday Night Live?” Of course you do.

Sadly, director Paul Feig has had to be coy about Holtzmann’s sexuality in the movie because of studio pressure. But we all know because, puh-lease – anyone who wears that many overalls, leather jackets and vests is capital G Gay. So while we’re forced to read the subtext on screen, the maintext of Kate’s place in the movie speaks volumes. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing/important/meaningful it is to have Kate McKinnon as one of the leads of a high-profile international film franchise like this.

Kate has been out since the beginning of her career. So in her we have an unabashed champion of LGBT representation. But not only that in her we have definitive proof that being LGBT in Hollywood does not have to be a career impediment to overcome or hidden truth to finally come to terms with. You can be awesome and out, just like Kate, and be the star of a major motion picture. You can be awesome and out, just like Kate, and consistently steal the show on SNL. You can be awesome and out, just like Kate, and have the world fall in love with you.

Babymen can continue to whine about how four female Ghostbusters are ruining their childhood all they want. For queer and questioning girls all over the world, Kate and Holtzmann will no doubt become a touchstone. And, for the rest of us gay ladies, she is a reminder that we can do anything we want. Bust ghosts, bury misogyny, steal movies, steal hearts.

p.s. I now firmly believe that one of the rooms in lesbian heaven is just that slow-mo sequence of Holtzmann busting out her proton guns and battling an army of ghosts playing on an endless loop. And another room is just hammocks made out of her dimples.

Friday, July 15, 2016

My Weekend Anti-Crush

Great, so the GOP Ticket is now officially Nacho Cheese-Ranch Dip 2016. Granted, we all already knew it would be unhealthy for America. But this is a nutritional nightmare. I guess Trump wanted to shore up his anti-LGBT credentials by picking Mike Pence. Lest we forget, Pence is the guy who signed that “religious freedom” law protecting Indiana residents from having to serve a slice of pizza to us scary gay people. Also, instead of using federal dollars to fight HIV/AID, he wanted us to spend them to support groups for those “seeking to change their sexual behavior.” Hey, you know what changing sexual behavior is code for? Gay conversion therapy, folks . Neat-o. Sounds swell. Oh, and he is also violently anti-woman thanks to his extreme anti-choice views and his absolute wiliness to shut down the entire U.S. government just to defund Planned Parenthood. Isn’t he great? My only non-consolation is my friends and family in Indiana are now free of him. Sadly, he’s now everyone’s problem. VOTE IN NOVEMBER, Y’ALL. Happy I’m so totally with her weekend, all.

p.s. In protest for everything this ticket represents and whiny baby men who think women in movies are somehow ruining their childhood in general, I have already purchased my ticket to see “Ghostbusters” for tonight. I plan to dose my popcorn in Male Tears and enjoy the shit out of myself. I suggest you do, too.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Call Your Butter Tub

Remember five years ago when those delightful Swedes made cheating seem lovely thanks to beautiful harmonies and thumping butter tubs? Well, it’s back – minus the Swedes. Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone tried their – expertly timed rhythmic – hand at singing Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” complete with butter tub accompaniment a la that viral Erato cover. The results are great. In this personal week of soothing and trying to de-stress, it’s the perfect thing to watch while waiting for a new episode of “The Great British Bake Off” to load.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Get Your Bake On

So after last week’s heavy national news week, and some unexpectedly heavy personal news of my own (it’s OK, I’m fine, just costly, disruptive and frustrating), I was looking for some diversion over the weekend. Since I’d long-since depleted the singular season of “The Great British Bake-Off” on Netflix, I went looking for more flour-infused happiness elsewhere. (For the love of Mary Berry, add some more seasons immediately.) Luckily, thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I was able to soothe away this past week’s worries with earlier seasons of the show. There is just something so lovely about watching all these nice, normal and wonderfully British people bake stuff. Unlike American cooking competitions, there’s so much less nastiness and narcissism. Also, considerably less artificial food coloring. It’s all just so damn nice. The world could use more of that. On your mark, get set, bake!

p.s. Also we could use a lot more of Sue Perkins and her very lesbian blazers.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Poke Poke Poke


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Apologies for not posting so far this week. I have clearly been busy catching 'em all. But don't worry, I promise to do better. On the plus side, the dog has never gotten more exercise.

Friday, July 08, 2016

My Weekend Crush

Man, I miss this crazy, silly, exciting, touching, sexy, so sexy, weird, wonderful little show. I miss it so much. Also, I miss the Boobs O’Clock. Ah, the “Lost Girl” memories. Happy weekend, all.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Gender Fuck Thursday: Presidential Edition

In between near-daily panic attacks that a racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic xenophobe could become president and gain access to our country’s nuclear codes, I remain cautiously optimistic that a smart, capable, infinitely qualified woman will finally, finally break the 227-year male stranglehold on our nation’s presidency. But until then, please enjoy these famous presidential speeches reimaged through some famous female voices. Here are Bryce Dallas Howard (“Jurassic World”) as Abraham Lincoln, Becki Newton (“Ugly Betty”) as John F. Kennedy, Deborah Ann Woll (“True Blood”) as Lyndon Johnson, Gillian Zinser (“90210”) as Jimmy Carter, and Robinne Lee (“Hitch”) as Barack Obama. I know, the suits don’t hurt either. Just 123 more days to go, folks. Vote.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Vita, Virginia & You

A lyrical period drama about the passionate love between two women is coming to the big screen. I know, I know – you already saw “Carol.” But this is “Vita & Virginia,” the long-gestating chronicle of the real-life romance between literary giants Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf.

The two writers met in 1922 and started a relationship that lasted until Woolf’s death in 1941. Woolf famously wrote the “Orlando” as a tribute to Vita, who inspired the fantastical century-spanning, gender-bending novel.

The movie (which has not been cast yet) is based on the 1992 play by actress and writer Eileen Atkins. It should be noted that Atkins wrote the screenplay for “Mrs. Dalloway,” the 1997 film based on the Woolf novel. That film features a more-than-suggested attraction between the title character in her youth and her best friend, Sally (played by none other than Lena Headey). You see, all roads really do lead back to lesbianism and/or Lena Headey.

Speaking of lesbianism, Chanya Button has been tapped to direct “Vita & Virginia.” And Chanya’s feature film debut from last year (“Burn Burn Burn”) included a lesbian character.

So, as I was saying. All roads lead back to lesbianism. And since this film hasn’t been cast yet, may I suggest Lena Headey as either Vita or Virginia. What? We all know Cersei won’t be on the Iron Throne forever.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Butcher It Up

How ya feeling after that three-day weekend? A little rusty, eh? A little tired, right? A little wishing you were still eating hot dogs (or tofu dogs) and drinking beer? Well, how about laughing at a funny lesbian. There, don’t you feel better? Yeah, you feel better.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, kittens. I made this video ages ago. But don’t worry, it still has plenty of fireworks.

Friday, July 01, 2016

My Weekend Crush

I could have spent all of last night writing a carefully worded, incisive analysis of how “Game of Thrones” has evolved from a show dominated by men to a show where women wield the power. How this surge of female strength has coincided with the show’s most exciting and most satisfying season to date. How despite its flaws, the show has become the ultimate example of what happens when women lean the fuck in. Granted, it helps to lean in when you have badass dragons, but still. I could have talked about all of those things.

But instead I spent all of last night making this gif. You’re welcome, Internet. Who run the Seven Kingdoms? Girls! Happy Fourth of July Weekend, all.