Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Lesbian Bat Signal

Holy Bat Ladies, Batman! We are getting not one, but two female Bat-related heroes soon on the large and small screens. A Batgirl movie and a Batwoman TV show.

According to reporters, the Batwoman series will make our heroine super duper gay, as she is in the comics. And, to add to the awesomeness, they are even looking for a lesbian actress to play the part. Holy amazing representation, Batwoman!

Meanwhile the Batgirl movie was going to be helmed by Joss Whedon, but he has since dropped out, and now will he written at least by a female scriptwriter.

I’m all for more lady superheroes in the world and on our screens. And I am especially all for more lesbian superheroes being played by lesbian actresses. (I also hope, like in the “auditions” above, a minimum of three out queer ladies are considered for the Batgirl role because we deserve it, duh.) So huzzah to this twofer Bat lady news and break out the Lesbian Bat Signal, but for real this time.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Charlie's Gay-ngels

All the lesbian, bi, trans, queer women, who’re independent – throw your hands up at me! Last week news of the new “Charlie’s Angels” film reboot was unleashed. And none of other than “so gay, dude” Kristen Stewart has been cast as one of the trio of Angels. Yes, you read that right, an out queer woman has been cast in one of the most iconic (and campy, don’t forget campy) female action franchises of all time.

I watched some of the original series, albeit in repeats (Kate Jackson, my babygay eyes saw you). And I unabashedly loved the movie adaptations from the early 2000s (even though they were, objectively, not good). And I think I tried to watch the TV series reboot from the early 2010s (and it was, objectively, quite bad).

But there’s just something about the alchemy of bringing a bunch of women together to do kick-ass things in an outrageous way that just appeals to my inner pop culture fangirl. Also, there was this scene from the Cameron-Drew-Lucy franchise that left an indelible impression.

The reboot film is being directed and co-written by Elizabeth Banks, who will also give the world its first female Bosley. Besides K-Stew it will star Naomi Scott – who most recently played the Pink Ranger (a.k.a. not the gay lady one) in the new “Power Rangers” film and will star as Jasmine in Disney's upcoming “Aladdin” remake – and British relative newcomer Ella Balinska.

Now this group of Angels skews quite young. K-Stew is the oldest by a bit at 28. And I have no idea if they’ll make her Angel queer – but I certainly hope they give it real consideration. Because it is 2018 and if a racist game show host can be president, then we deserve at least one gay Angel in return. I mean, look at K-Stew. She’s the andro-butch Angel of young queer girls dreams as is. Make it so, Hollywood.

p.s. And while I’m asking for things, cab we get a Beyoncé, Janelle Monae and Hayley Kiyoko to do a new version of “Independent Woman” for the movie? K, thx.

Friday, July 27, 2018

My Weekend Vote

Gosh, I miss Michelle Obama. But, man, does it only make me love her more when she spearheads a project to get people to register and vote, called When We All Vote. I have never understood people who do not vote. This is your chance. This is how democracy works. And democracy is not a spectator sport. And for everyone who says “My vote doesn’t matter,” let me remind you about the 79,646 votes in three states who put us where we are today. In a country of 325.7 million people that is nothing. Yet if each one of those 79,646 people had decided to stay home instead, or better yet if 79,647 Democratic voters had decided to go to the polls instead, we would be in an entirely different world. So get registered, check if your registration is current and get your ass to the ballot box for every election. Not just the midterms. Not just the presidential years. But each election matters and is your chance to mold the world you want to see. Because if you don’t, you are letting those 79,646 (and then some) yahoos decide your fate instead. Happy weekend and exercise your right to vote, all.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The MXfits

Honestly, I could watch a whole series of this. In six short minutes (an a little change) it crafts compelling characters, starts engaging plotlines, touches on relevant issues, and displays more humor and heart than all of the “Transformers” movies put together. And it’s a reminder that we need to give more diverse artists the chance to shine. The short comes from Brazilian filmmaker Natalia Leite, who made her feature film debut in 2015 with “Bare” (a.k.a. the film where Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron falls in love with Paz de la Huerta). She worked with her mento, “Vida” creator Tanya Saracho, on the project. And the professionalism shows.

Each time I hear of another totally unknown white guy who is being handed the reigns to a major motion picture franchise, I sigh. Sure, they’ll probably do fine. But you never know if a woman of a POC or an LGBTQ person might be fucking amazing instead – if only you give them a chance.

And, guess what, they can. Because “Kiki and the MXfits” is a short film cleverly crafted like a series trailer. And Leite has said she would be open to turning it into a long-form series. So get on it, Hollywood. I need to find out what Kiki and her MXfits get up to next.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Write What You Know

Well, now, isn’t this a treat. A period piece prestige drama featuring a high-profile star about a real-life female trailblazer who also happened to be bisexual woman who had long-term relationships with other women and does not appear to be shying away from the gay bits. Like I said, a rare treat. Sure, I’m not crazy about all the dude taking credit for a woman’s work stuff – but then women have been not crazy about dudes taking credit for their work since, I don’t know, the beginning of time. What I am crazy about is seeing Keira Knightley play the fascinating Noble Prize nominated French author Colette. It’s also a reminder that the issues we face today, they’re not new. Sure, some things have changed and even for the better. But the struggle to be seen as equal, to be given respect and to be allowed to be exactly who we are in this world is always with us. Oh, and Keira should always, always wear suits like that. Always.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Into Every Generation...

So, about that Buffy reboot. Late last week it was revealed that a reboot of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with a black actress stepping into the role of the eponymous heroine. Obviously, the amount of feelings about this were great. From “Oh no!” to “Oh yes!” and “Wait, what?” and “Wait, really?”

Joss Whedon will serve as executive producer and Monica Owusu-Breen has signed on as showrunner and will write the pilot. You might not think you’re familiar with Owusu-Breen’s work, but you most certainly are with her work. She has written and produced for “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “Fringe,” “Lost,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Alias” and “Charmed.” Most recently she created “Midnight, Texas.” So there’s some good stuff there for sure – but I gave “Midnight, Texas” an honest shot and could not recommend it. So, hm.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the new Buffy will be richly diverse, with some aspects of the series, like the flagship, seen as metaphors for issues facing society today.”

I am 100 percent down for a diverse Buffy. And I am 100 percent down for a woman of color helming the project. But, here’s the thing, why a reboot?

I would much rather we see a passing of the torch – or more like stake – than retell the original story again. Why not acknowledge the passage of time and start over with a new slayer? We all know into every generation a Slayer is born. It’s already built into the mythology. It’s in the damn credits. It’s a major part of the show. New Slayers, all the time, like clockwork.

Sure, at the end of Buffy they turned all of the Potentials into Slayers. But there are clever and smart ways to explain that. Plus, it would be pretty kickass to follow one Slayer, but then have other Slayers pop in sometimes. Why not? How much more “richly diverse” can you get than that? Or, pretend the spell was broken and start over from one again.

But to take a series as iconic as Buffy and just reboot it instead of continuing the story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Have we learned nothing from the “Heathers” reboot? Let next generation show how they wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. And she could still be named Buffy, after one of the greatest Slayers of all time.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Doctor Yes

Oh, I get it. This is what those kids felt like when they walked into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for the first time. Pure wonder, pure imagination, so much excitement. All the idiot fanboys who soiled their knickers when Jodie Whittaker was announced as the Thirteenth Doctor can kindly fuck off and continue to live their miserable joyless lives in silence. No one wants to hear it. We’re too busy exploring new corners of the universes with The Doctor. (And, with any luck, the Doctor's Wife. Ahem.)

Friday, July 20, 2018

My Weekend Crush

Guys, we need this. We really, really need this. “Wynonna Earp” returns tonight. Well, it actually returned Monday night in a special sneak preview. But tonight it will be official official premiere with bonus material and additional scenes. Also, no harm can come from watching an episode of “Wynonna Earp” twice. No harm, indeed.

Look, the world is pretty terrible right now. Each headline is a new horror. The continual combination of rage and despair everyone with a functioning sense of empathy feels right now is beyond exhausting.

But through it all it’s important to remember that self-care is crucial. We can’t resist when we’re debilitated by our weariness. And one of the ways I care for myself is watching shows I truly enjoy. So this year shows like “Killing Eve” and “The Good Place” and “The Great British Bake Off” have been a salve to the soul.

And now, here comes Wynonna. I don’t need to remind you why this show is so fun and fantastic. You know, you know it down to your bones. So bring on the crazy chick with a gun and WayHaught sexy adorableness and all the demonic shenanigans this show can bring. If you caught the sneak peek you know we’re in for a wild ride and so much great hair. Bring it, Wynonna et al. We’re so glad to have you back. Happy Earping weekend, all.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Let's Go, Lesbians!

Look, there’s not a lot to feel delighted about these days. But I am genuinely delighted by the “Let’s Go, Lesbians!” meme. Like, I can’t help but find it oddly delightful. Or maybe I just wish I could run around the streets like Billy Eichner with a “pack of wild lesbians.” I mean, wouldn’t that be the ultimate lesbo street cred?

Now, granted, one could take issue with the idea that there is something inherently funny about a pack of wild lesbians running through the streets. But, lez b honest, a pack of wild lesbians running through the streets is pretty funny. Plus would not thinking so only perpetuate that humorless lesbian trope?

Vulture has been so kind as to rate all the “Let’s Go, Lesbians!” memes. I have to agree, the first “Avengers”-meme remains the best. Like, obviously, we’re all a bunch of superheroes jauntily running to save the day, duh.

Though, it’s hard to beat the original. Watching “Billy On the Street” and his pack of wild lesbians is a treat not to be missed. Plus, I love that us lesbians are being used as the ultimate arbiter of who is sexier. Though, uh, what’s up with any lesbian who thinks Ronald Reagan is sexier than Adam Scott? That’s a point off your lesbo street cred license, for sure.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My My, How Can I Resist You?

I want to live inside this picture. Seriously. Who wouldn’t want to live inside a never-ending kiss between Meryl Streep and Cher? I mean, it’s Meryl freakin’ Streep and freakin’ Cher. Now, lest you think Meryl and Cher’s romance is a new one courtesy “Mamma Mia! 2,” let me set you gay in a correct way (you know, the fabulous alternative to straight).

Some of you may remember the two actresses first worked together back in 1983 on “Silkwood.” Meryl plays the eponymous nuclear whistleblower Karen Silkwood and Cher played her lesbian roommate and coworker Diana Scarwid Dolly Pelliker. Yes, really, her lesbian roommate. And they did stuff like this in the movie. Ah, “roommates” – that old chestnut.

But, take heart, because it wasn’t just a one-time thing that got rekindled on the red carpet 35 years later. Meryl and Cher canoodled in the interim. Back in 2003 they got touchy feely at the premiere for – of all things – “Stuck on You.” Believe it or not, they both have small roles in the film. Obviously, they loved each other’s company to appear in a Farrelly brothers film. You know, like “roommates.”

Look, all I’m saying is Meryl and Cher are the couple we never realized we desperately needed. So thanks, ladies, for reminding us of that old “roommate” magic.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

RBG Forever

Look, I don’t know much, but I know we have to protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg at all costs. Like is there some kind of special spell we could cast, my wiccan friends? I’m equal parts asking and begging. After a documentary about the remarkable RBG came out earlier this year, now there’s a biopic about her early years starring Felicity Jones as the woman herself. And, again, it is a reminder that the things we consider ancient history are far from ancient or history. In her 85 years, RBG has seen – and helped lead – a practical revolution for women in this country. And we should all be damned if her hard work and advocacy is allowed to slip away under this abysmal administration. So, like I was saying, everyone join hands and grow our RBG protection circle.

Monday, July 16, 2018

The First Post

I have been pretty excited about “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” movie since it was announced. And now that the first trailer has been released, that excitement has only grown. And it’s proof all those studios who hemmed and hawed missed the fuck out. Their loss is our gain. While even three years ago a story like this might have feel like a quaint historical relic, today it is a reminder we are never too far away from people thinking what we are is wrong and must be fixed.

Friday, July 13, 2018

My Weekend Fuck Donald Trump

Look, us Friends of Dorothy have known forever that Donald Trump is a bad person. None of us had to be convinced of his greed or his narcissism or his cruelty or his ignorance. None of us were bamboozled by his bluster or his “billions.” Us queers knew, even way back when, that he was a monster. And we let it be known. In fact, you could say, we warned you.

Need proof? Well, how about this 1989 protest by ACT UP at Trump Tower. Yes, you read that right, 1-9-8-9. Almost 30 years ago queer activists were out there telling the world that this man was garbage. Absolute and complete garbage.

Now that we’ve gotten where we are, with Trump on the verge of appointing his second lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, I can’t help but think what is Straight White America had listened when we warned them? What is Straight White America had heeded the desperate plea of vulnerable communities (your POC neighbors, your immigrant neighbors, your Muslim neighbors, your female neighbors, your LGBTQ neighbors) instead of being disinterested in our fates. What is Straight White America had cared about what happened to us as much as themselves?

Well, we’ll never know. But we can only hope, as his horrible, terrible man gets to turn back the legal landscape in our country for at least the next generation, that they’ve learned their lesson. Happy weekend and Fuck Donald Trump, all.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

When I Am An Old Lesbian I Will Listen To Hayley

Since we were talking about music already, here is something that might be relevant to your interests. Well, now this is sweet. Older lesbians learning about Hayley Kiyoko remind me of me anytime I try to read the MTV Movie Awards celebrity guest list. Who? What? Aw, that’s cute. And it is, it is quite cute. Never mind purple, when I am an old lesbian I will listen to Hayley.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Itsy Bitsy Cersei

I have never related to anything more in my life than Lena Headey running away from a man trying to show her a spider. In fact, if I was her I would have gone all Cersei Lannister on the situation. BURN IT ALL DOWN WITH WILDFIRE, CERSEI, BURN IT ALL DOWN.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Brooklyn Hi-Hi

I’ve decided to give “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” a try. Now that it has been rescued by NBC, I think it just might be worth enduring Andy Samberg to see Stephanie Beatriz and Gina Rodriguez flirt with one another. But then, almost anything is worth watching to see Stephanie Beatriz and Gina Rodriguez flirt with one another. More of this on NBC, show. More of this. And, you know, more big, badass and bi Det. Rosa Diaz in general, please.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Music Monday: Rachel Cantu Edition

In my ongoing and endless mission to gay up your lives, here is Rachel Cantu’s new song, “Run Free.” The very talented singer-songwriter is married to the also very, talented TV writer-producer Liz Feldman (of “Ellen” and “This Just Out” and “2 Broke Girls” fame). And this song just makes me happy. And is super gay. So what more could you want from a little Monday Music?

Friday, July 06, 2018

My Weekend Crush

I like Tessa Thompson a lot. Like a lot a lot. I’ve seen her in “Thor: Ragnarok,” and “Westworld” and “Selma” and even an episode of “Rizzoli & Isles” among other things over the years. And one of her more remarkable abilities is to chameleon herself into her roles. Put Julia Roberts in any role and you’re always like, “OK, we get it, you’re Julia Roberts.” But with Tessa you watch her for a while and then go, “Oh yeah, that’s Tessa.” That’s a good quality to have for an actor. A very good quality.

She has been described as “an unapologetic, complex actress, who seeks out unapologetic, complex characters.” Nowhere is this more evident than in her personal life, where she had championed Time’s Up and other progressive, feminist movements. And, of course, there’s her veryclose relationships with Janelle Monae.

Last week Tessa took another big step and came out as bisexual in a cover story for the fashion magazine Net-a-Porter. She said:

“I can take things for granted because of my family – it’s so free and you can be anything that you want to be. I’m attracted to men and also to women. If I bring a woman home, [or] a man, we don’t even have to have the discussion.”
And about her relationship with also recently out Janelle and her Vagina Pants she said:
“We love each other deeply. We’re so close, we vibrate on the same frequency. If people want to speculate about what we are, that’s okay. It doesn’t bother me.”
Now, of course, folks ran with the “we love each other deeply” part as confirmation they’re in a relationship. But Tessa herself put on some brakes and tweeted:

Two things: 1) Good for her for coming out! And 2) Good for all of us for her coming out! Whenever a famous person comes out it makes us all feel a little less along. Those of us who, as Hannah Gadsby would say, exist in the margins, each person who steps up to speak her or his or their truth is another acknowledgment of our shared humanity. It’s that connection we crave.

So congratulations, Tessa. And thank you. Happy weekend, all.

ETA: It should go without saying that just as homophobia is not welcome here, neither is biphobia. But, alas, it seems it does need to be said. Biphobia is unacceptable. Nor, while we are at it, is transphobia. Making broad and hateful generalizations on an entire group of people based on stereotypes about their sexual orientation or gender identity is everything I stand against. If you cannot accept and embrace the entire spectrums of the LGBTQ community then please find another blog and/or planet to frequent. (Note: Blogger has stopped notifying when I receive new comments, so I do not see all of the posts as quickly as I used to, hence the delay in response. My apologies.)

Thursday, July 05, 2018

To The Max

True confession, I binged all of the last season of “Orange Is the New Black” over the weekend it debuted last June – except the final episode. And to this day I still haven’t watched the finale. I just haven’t felt inspired enough to care. Last season was problematic for me, for many reasons. Having an entire season play out over the few days of the prison riot was…a choice. In the end it felt like a painful way to prolong our agony. But that’s what happens sometimes when writers make the creative choices to prove a point but instead kill the heart of their show (see: Poussey Washington and Dana Fairbanks). So now I don’t know how I feel about OITNB’s upcoming season. Given the change in locale (from minimum to max) I am going to assume things didn’t go so hot for the ladies of Litchfield in that last episode. But the question remains, do I care enough to follow them to the even bigger house? Time will tell when it returns later this month. But at least we get some new credits. The song, however, remains the same. (So if you are one of those skip the credits types, proceed as normal.)

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

America! America! America!

I can think of nothing more patriotic on this Fourth Of July than encouraging Americans to get involved in our political system. Be that voting, volunteering, donating or running for office yourself, do something. Democracy is not a spectator sport. And, as we have seen since January 2017, if not carefully tended and rigorously watched over, our democracy can be compromised. And compromised quite easily, as this past week has shown us. The sense of security we have had for far too long about the moral arc of the universe always bending toward justice has been revealed as overly optimistic. It won’t bend unless we make it bend. That means everyone must reach out and grab hold and fight for what we believe this country should be with all of our might.

Which brings me to today’s post. This is a very good political ad. I know I have been posting a couple of these lately, but it is only to highlight some of the great, smart, and female candidates running for office this year. MJ Hegar is running against a Tea Party Republican in Texas. She served as a major in the US Air Force and the Air National Guard and completed three tours of duty in Afghanistan. She also has one of the very best political ads I’ve seen in a long time. And even if you don’t live in Texas and get to vote for her, I hope you are getting excited about voting these bastards out and finally putting a check on the ignorant, hateful, corrupt asshole in the Oval Office. We can vote them out, and we can replace them with people like MJ Hegar.

For the love of all that is good, please register and vote in the midterms. I am not above begging.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

You're Standing on My Reboot

Daria and her combat boots were a big part of my youth. Her deadpan cynicism and piercing intelligence remain aspirational – and I still have a thing for combat boots, too. I own the complete box set and am still cranky they wouldn’t get the rights to the real music. But I digress. When I heard late last month that they were planning on rebooting the “Daria” series, I was a) excited, and b) worried. Excited because Daria Morgendorffer ranks among Liz Lemon, Leslie Knope, Buffy Summers, Wonder Woman and Princess Leia as my favorite fictional female characters of all time. Worried because our current reboot fever has a spotty record at best.

I’m encouraged that the new Daria series comes from TV writer Grace Edwards, whose past credits include “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Inside Amy Shumer,” two shows I’ve enjoyed greatly. The new series will be called “Daria and Jodie,” and focus on Daria’s friendship with Jodie Landon, who in the original series was a stand-out student who often chaffed against having to be the model minority at the school (along with her football star boyfriend Mack). I haven’t seen any mention of Jane Lane, but dammit all she’d better be there, too. Daria without Jane is no Daria at all. Oh, and definitely make Jane gay in the new series. Definitely.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Naked Lady Monday: Sue & Megan Edition

Remember how I always say representations matters? Well, highly toned and incredibly chiseled representation matters, too. Ahem. Fans of everyone’s favorite not-so guilty pleasure, ESPN The Body Issue, were treated to the first-ever out gay couple on its cover this year. Pro basketball’s Sue Bird and pro soccer’s Megan Rapinoe graced the cover and pages of The Body Issue together. And it was good, it was very, very good.

As Megan told the magazine in the accompanying interview:

“I think neither of us really wants to just do things and be like, ‘We're the gay couple.’ But to have this really unique vehicle to actually do that, to celebrate who we are in our sport, but also the fact that we'll be the first gay couple, is pretty special. It's pretty amazing to think about, especially in the times we're in. Just think of how far we've come, but also the current climate and defiance in the face of that. Not only are we female athletes, but we're dating as well. It's kind of badass.”

Have I mentioned this photo shoot, even the strange lost in the forest shots, are very good? Because it is.