Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Music

You know how you gird yourself sometimes for the grueling week that lies ahead? Sadly since my last name is neither Brady or Manning, it’s generally frowned upon for me to show up to work in pads and a helmet. Instead, my protective gear today will be music. These three international songstresses -- Duffy from Wales, Missy Higgins (who also happens to be family) from Australia and Yael Naim from Paris/Israel -- are my latest iPod obsessions. Their songs fills me with the indecipherable joy that comes only from really great music. With them in my ear, nothing can bother me. Not even Monday. Enjoy.
Duffy - “Mercy”

[Hat tip, paint monkey!]

Missy Higgins - “Where I Stood”

[Hat tip, delphine!]

Yael Naim - “New Soul”

[Hat tip, Steve Jobs!]


Collins said...

right on about duffy. i have had a link to her "mercy" video on my blog since i read about her on EW. another fab find from across the pond is adele. her video for "chasing payments" is amazing.

Lezlie Mac said...

Right there with you on Yaël Naïm ! Sold out every where in France and she's really sweet live.

I highly recommend another French soothing voice :
the very very lovely Charlotte Savary, with Wax Tailor :

She has a featured song on Ep 5.12 (I think) of the L Word !! with her other band, Felipecha (

Loads of lesbo friendly sweetness for your ears

I live on Soap and Water said...

You should probably listen to Kristin Hersh. Just a suggestion, but you may enjoy.

This is the most random song, but side note: Kristin vs. a wall in a starring contest? kristin would win.

Becky said...

Ahhhhh the wonderful Missy Higgins. A pity your readers can't access the video.
I wonder what her singing in that Australian drawl sounds like to a non-aussie?

She is a delight.. She won a national talent discovery competition (alternative radio, not cheesy commercial "idol" rubbish) while in her final year of high school, and scored a record deal, offers everywhere. She had promised, however, to go backpacking with her girlfriend after they finished school.
Missy put her entire musical career on hold for a year and fulfilled her promise. *sob*

And simply amazing in concert. Amazing.

RadicalFemme said...

I adore Missy Higgins and have for years. A long time ago, her videos for Scar and Ten Days were played on a loop on Frontier Airlines flights, and I watched them from Denver to Orlando. She's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Missy Higgins is awesome. Here are a couple of my other current favorites (one new and one perennial):

Kasey Chambers
Kate Walsh

Ghost Writer said...

lol I'm the exact same way. Need music on monday mornings...and tuesday. Pretty much any morning that I have to work.
Love Missy Higgins.
Check out Alice Smith if you already haven't. Her Album "for lovers, dreamers and me" is flippin great.

Anonymous said...

Yael Naim is a big Hit in France at the moment.
They even used her song in the last commercial for Macbook air.

I love her cover of Britney Spears's Toxic. It's awesome !

Another favourite of mine is Nolwenn Leroy, one of the most French beautiful voices.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend checking out Duffy's performances on Later...with Jools Holland. In fact I recommend searching on you tube for any of your favourite artists + "jools". In addition to his regular show his annual Hootenanny(New Year's Eve show) has amazing live performances e.g. this year saw Kylie channelling Michelle Pfeiffer's Fabulous Baker Boys persona as she sprawled on Jool's piano.

P.S you'll also find the best Amy Winehouse TV performance I've seen - from 2005's Hootenanny, in the pre-tabloid, pre-crack days.