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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SGALGG: Emmys Edition

Piper & Alex 4EVA. God, I know I shouldn’t because of all The Reasons. But I just love seeing Piper and Alex together. Or, you know, Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon for those who insist on reality. I mean the way they look at each other – God DAMN. Too bad “Orange Is the New Black” got totally shivved by the Emmys. Still, it was fun to watch all the Straight (and Gay Gals) Acting Like Gay Gals all night long. Sure, all of the same people won again. But we won because, you know, amazing ladies looking amazing together. (Except that thing where the producers weren’t listening when Beyoncé taught the world about feminism and literally put a woman on a lazy Susan to turn while a man spoke. Ooof.)

Natalie Dormer & Lucy Liu
Whoa, suddenly I ship Moriarty and Watson.

Sarah Paulson & Lizzy Caplan
Ugh, now I ship this, too.

Angela Bassett & Jessica Lange
The Voodoo Queen and the Supreme together is the definition of bow down, bitches.

Allison Janney & Kate Walsh
I love these women. I do (have) not watch their shows. Counterintuitive, but true.

Amy Poehler & Julia Louis-Dreyfus
You know, I have nothing against Elaine Benes. But I want Leslie Knope to kick her ass and take her Emmys.

Claire Danes & Allison Williams
Angela Chase would never be friends with Marnie Michaels. You know that’s true.

Padma Lakshmi & Christina Hendricks
I want Padma to cook for Christina and then feed each other. I’m sorry, did I just say a fantasy out loud?

Lena Dunham & Uzo Aduba
Cast Crazy Eyes on “Girls” next. You know the whole OITNB cast is going on that show at some point.

Laura Prepon & Natasha Lyonne
Natasha is thinking about the time she and Prepon made out. Clearly.

Yael Stone & Lea DeLaria
Best Gay Prom Couple Ever.

Lauren Morelli & Samira Wiley
They are lesbians. They’re lesbianing together. Allegedly.

Sarah Silverman
Love the dress. Love the bare feet. Love that she beat a category filled entirely with men.

Lena Headey
Like I was going to leave her out. Pshaw.

Kate McKinnon
Love her. That’s all.

Laverne Cox
Love her, too. Now that’s all.

Alexandra Hedison & Jodie Foster
Those are the smirks of some very, very happy lesbian newlyweds.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

SGALGG: Meryl + Emma 4EVA

If I had one wish it would be for world peace. If I had two wishes it would be for Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson to be in another movie together. If I had three wishes it would probably involve Jodie Foster, Tina Fey and a tropical island. But back to the second wish. I want Meryl and Emma to be in an amazing movie together so hard. Granted, 11 years ago they were in the TV movie “Angles in America” together and kissed (and climaxed together - no really). It was fucking amazing. Also how hot is The Angel America Emma? *choking sound* *sputters* *passes out*

But that glorious cinematic moment aside, what have they done together lately? Nada, except look really cute at awards shows while snuggling together. But I am impatient and greedy and want more. MORE. Extra special bonus points if more also means more kissing.



Until then, we are left to wish and wonder. Here is Ellen DeGeneres stoking those most cherished desires further by offering us side-by-side evidence of their greatness. I can’t decide who is more charming, but I’d pay all the money I have and ever will have to have Meryl Streep read recipes in a sexy voice to me forever while Emma makes pig noises in the background.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SGALGG: Awesome Ladies Edition

Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon AND Padma Lakshmi? Too. Much. Awesome. Go on without me. Hey, it’s been another long, busy week and it’s just half way through. So why not get through the second half with the help of some Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals (and/or just Awesome Gals). Also, not all of them are necessarily straight. Fine, mostly these were just cool women being cool together. Some days, that’s all you need.

Chrissy Teigen & Padma Lakshmi

*unintelligible gurgling noise*

Emma Thompson & Lupita Nyong'o

You know you’d try to steal a kiss, too. Atta girl, Emma.

Janelle Monae & Lupita Nyong'o

Though Janelle looks like she is trying to steal more than just a kiss.

Sasha Alexander & Lena Headey

I just love it when awesome ladies from different shows I love pose together.

Uzo Aduba & Tatiana Maslany


Jan Nash & Angie Harmon


Friday, March 07, 2014


I bet you were wondering where the SGALGG went. Don’t worry, kittens, I didn’t forget. It’s just that at this year’s Academy Awards there were also a bunch of actual Gay Gals Acting Like Gay Gays, in addition to the Straight Gals doing the same. So I thought why not celebrate them both. The GGALGG and the SGALGG. The real deals and those just expressing the most sincere form of flattery. Best of both worlds, I say.


Ellen & Portia

I really never get tired of seeing the Royal Gay Couple.

Evan Rachel Wood & Anna Paquin

I miss when Evan was on “True Blood.” It sucked a lot less then.

Angelina Jolie & Lupita Nyong’o

Look at Angie, trying to get a little sugar from Lupita.

Sarah Paulson & Jane Fonda

Count the hands. Who is goosing Sarah?

Angie & Sarah

Leave it to two gay ladies to find each other in a crowd and make clear after-party plans.

Annie Leibovitz & Penelope Cruz

Leave it to the gay lady to find the pretty lady, too.

Fran Lebowitz & Diane Lane

See above.

Lisa Bonet, Zoe Kravitz & Ellen Page

Two generations-worth of see above.


Bono, Portia & Ellen

No kissing boys. OMG, don’t you two know the rules?


Charlize Theron & Lupita

Can you blame them?

Lupita & Rosario Dawson

No, no you cannot.

Cate Blanchett & Jennifer Lawrence

Trying to slip her your room key, eh, Cate?

J-Law & The Friend She Nearly Took Down With Her

Aw, good to see they made up.

Meryl Streep & Glenn Close

In the absence of Emma Thompson, Meryl goes for the next best thing.


Liam Hemsworth, Ben Affleck & Chris Hemswoth

A Ben on slices of Hemsworth Brother sandwich for the bisexual ladies in the house (and gay boys).


Meryl & Pizza

Admittedly, this is the biggest love connection of the night.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SGALGG: Emmy Edition

You know, there wasn’t even that much SGALGG at the Emmys, more evidence that it was a generally forgettable year (minus a few notable exceptions, who of course helped prove the rule). But I worked hard to find you the closest I could find to Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals at the awards this year, because I believe in selfless endeavors that betters humanity. Also, I just like it when ladies hold hands. And this gives me more opportunities to post pictures of Tina and Amy. Award season gives you lemons, you turn it into Liz Lemonade. Too much? Well, I tried. On to the SGALGG.

Tina & Amy

I love how it looks like Tina is totally checking out Amy’s ass and Amy is all, “Like what you see, of course you do.”

Alison Pill & Jane Fonda

I don’t know what Jane is trying to do to Allison, but I’m not entirely sure it’s consensual.

Diahann Carroll & Kerry Washington

Two beautiful women who look beautiful together. No joke, just facts.

“Orange Is the New Black” Emmy Selfies

Stop being so adorable, cast. You only make me miss you more.

Sofia Vergara & Padma Lakshmi

I. Will. Be. In. My. Bunk.

Sofia Vergara & Julie Bowen

Clearly Julie’s being all possessive with Sofia after seeing that display with Padma.

Claire Danes & Lena Dunham

If you watched the E! Red Carpet, you saw Lena & Claire discuss being BFFs. You also saw they awkward goodbye faux makeout.


Carla Gallo & Sarah Paulson

I really wanted the gay lady to win for playing a gay lady. Better luck with “American Horror Story: Coven,” Sarah.

Clea DuVall & Natasha Lyonne

Graham + Megan 4EVA