Friday, February 29, 2008

My Weekend Crush

On the “Today Show” all this week, they’ve been reuniting casts of old hit TV shows. Now, I don’t normally watch Today. Considering my bedtime is usually only a couple hours before it starts, it would be way too masochistic even for me. But I do browse its guests to see if anyone is worth scrounging up the clips of afterward. And lo and behold who popped up Wednesday but the cast of “Murphy Brown.” Damn, that brought back memories. “Murphy Brown” was my absolute favorite sitcom in high school. At the time I wrote for the school paper and was an all-around newshound, so it was right up my proverbial alley. And then there was Candice. Candice Bergen is one of those fantastically forthright women that you almost forget is also incredibly gorgeous because what she says is so terribly interesting.

As Murphy Brown she wore a mean pantsuits and asked the tough questions. She loved Aretha Franklin and sang along joyfully off-key. But then the decision to have Murphy become a single mom incurred the idiotic scorn of an idiotic vice president. I recall being so outraged, so incensed that this dullard of a man had the audacity to call a fictional character’s decision to become a mother amoral, it galvanized my political activism. Of course Candice, and the show, couldn’t have handled the situation better. “Glamorized single motherhood? What planet is he on?” While I haven’t followed Candice’s career as faithfully post-Murphy, I still smile every time I see her and think of how much she inspired me. Here was an intelligent, respected, opinionated, funny and successful woman who took on a sitting vice president. Now that’s what I call a role model. I even still have this issue of Time among my cherished keepsakes. Murphy Brown for president, indeed. Happy weekend, all.


WenWhit said...

Candice Bergen is one of my favorite women of all time. Love, love, LOVE her.

And what self-respecting lesbo didn't love Murphy Brown???

Slym said...

I absolutely love Candice and whenever I tune in to Boston Legal it's just so I could see and admire her some more. There are few women who I would label 'the total package' and bet your ass Candice is one of them. The woman still hast IT and IT affects me still too :). She's damn hot, savvy, witty, super intelligent and smart!

Luv Her!

Here's hoping you have a relaxing and re-energizing weekend.

gypsywee said...

I developed a massive crush on Candice after I saw "Rich and Famous." How can you not love a movie with Candice, Jacqueline Bisset, writing, and a kiss at the end...*sigh* I even read her autobiography "Knock Wood." The woman is smart and funny.

Years ago, Candice had a short-lived show on Oxygen called "Exhale." On one show, Candice had her good pal Diane Keaton on. They were laughing about a visit Candice made to Diane's house. Apparently Diane is not much of a hostess and rarely has people over. She didn't know what to offer Candice to eat and finally pulled out a *really* old box of chocolates. Candice took one...Diane waited to see if she'd have to spit it out--she didn't. On the show, they both laughed about how stale the candy was. Then Diane said "But then...wait..then--you ate another piece!" Candice nodded through tears of laughter. Oh, what charming ladies! :D

Anonymous said...

I always love watching old Will & Grace episodes where Karen is talking about Candi Bergen....."what a nightmare-slash-delight!"

Anonymous said...

I love her and Murphy Brown. so gorgeous and classy and funny! *Swoon*

Fun fact: Did you know that she played a lesbian in her film debut in 1966's The Group?

sarahh said...

so of coarse i had to try to get some murphy brown episodes. there aren't any!
does anyone know where you can get them?
i just dont understand cbs.this is a great show,why wouldn't they release it on dvd?