Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Wacky

Love makes you do the wacky. It makes us crazy. If Beyoncé and Patsy Cline sing it, so must it be. In honor of love in all its insane splendor this Valentine’s Day I bring you three of the wackiest things I’ve seen on the Interwebs this week. Seriously, this shit is weird. But, then, love is strange. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds.

Because nothing says “be my Valentine” like swallowing your own hand. Oh Lily Allen, no. Just no.

Well ’ello governors. I know Amy Winehouse cleaned up at the Grammys, but I don’t think those puppies came in the gift basket.

Crazy in love. Crazy in concert. Enjoy.


edgyqueen said...

#7 ("The Runs") in the Beyonce video is abso-freakin-lutely hilarious! Crazy, indeed!!!

gypsywee said...

1. Lily: I'm impressed! :D

2. Amy: ...I'm worried that the weight of her new "girls" will roll her face down the next time she passes out and she'll drown in her own vomit. That would be *really* sad. :(

3. Beyonce: I'm reminded, again, of why I don't own a single Beyonce CD. And, I wouldn't have thought speaking in tongues (a.k.a. "the runs") during your concert would score you a duet with Tina Turner...??? Where's the justice!?

Amanda said...

I don't know, I think you have to hand it to Beyonce for being entertaining as hell. The video of her falling on stage and then popping back up on the beat is pretty great too.

Sabriel said...

Thank you soooo much, that Beyonce video was hil-ar-ious!

Andrew Goulding said...

I've never worked out what people see in her, she seems devoid of conveying any real emotion.