Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar’s ladies

It only took them 80 years, but the Academy finally gave an Oscars to a woman with a pin-up girl tattoo. Fuck, yeah! the 80th annual Oscars telecast was filled with many worthy winners, a few surprises and countless pretty ladies, painted and otherwise. Overall, I was rather pleased with this year’s crop of honorees. Sure, I was pulling for a big “Juno”-shaped upset. But in the acting categories I couldn’t fault any of the winners. All of their performances were mesmerizing. While I was rooting for Julie Christie, Marion Cotillard made me fall in love with her all over again with her effervescent acceptance speech. And who knew that besides being an arresting-looking woman and having an incredibly eclectic taste in films, Tilda Swinton had such a dry and delicious sense of humor?

Look for my complete breakdown of this year’s ceremony -- complete with tons of pretty, pretty pictures -- over at AfterEllen today. But for now, how about we just revel in the night’s Wishful Lesbian Thinking moments? Sadly, there weren’t too many actual lesbian moments. Though (straight) filmmakers Cynthia Wade and Vanessa Roth did win Best Short Documentary for “Freeheld” about a lesbian couple’s fight to win survivorship benefits.

Sarah Polley & Julie ChristieLe sigh.

Penelope Cruz & Cate BlanchettOh, to be a fly on that wall.

Helen MirrenLeave it to that Dame to find a stripper pole on the red carpet.

Marlee MatlinHey, where’s Bette?

Ellen & PortiaFinally, a couple we don’t have to be “wishful” about.

Click on over to AfterEllen later today for more Oscary goodness.


Huggitis Brown said...

LOVE Ellen's outfit.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I am totally jealous of how good Helen Mirren looks in that dress...and I'm like 40 odd years younger!

Slym said...

Lovely pics. Did I mention that I have an obssession with Penelope Cruz? Well now you know.

Lezlie Mac said...

Go Marion Go ! Yay for the lovely frenchie, with the tearjerking stuttering acceptance speech :)
Merci Marion on t'aime, even if you're straight

Anonymous said...

Sure Juno had snappy hip dialogue but was it an Oscar screenplay winner? No. But, I think it helps that the writer had a "compellingly" cool backstory: tattoo, ex-stripper/phone sex worker, stole someone else's husband, married, then dumped him, etc.

Her work was good but the other contenders wrote better screenplays.

It helps to have a foul mouth and a tattoo. NOt hating just mindgraping.

Amanda said...

I will admit I got a little upset about Cate not winning supporting actress but overall I thought the academy did a good job... and I loved how they let the girl musician from "Once" do her speech after the commercial. It made me kind of teary-eyed.

Ashley said...

Wait! Speaking of Wishful Lesbian Thinking, can you inform us who the delightful Ellen Page was sitting with? (Looked to young to be her mother...hmmm.)

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

My mother called this morning to ask me about this 'Diablo Cody woman'. I told her that she's a brilliant writer who wrote the best dramedy I've seen in years. Of course my mother said something like (I'm terrible at accurately paraphrasing); "I can't believe her mother named her Diablo. It reminds me of Whiskey Jane." The conversation then digressed into what people's real names are vs. what they call themselves, or get called by association.

gypsywee said...

Fun show last night! I thought Diablo Cody looked like a really rascally Betty Rubble. Sweet! Oh, and the fabulously lesbionic still my heart. Too bad she's straight (or at least, married). :p

BTW: Jennifer, your mom sounds neato!

Finally, Ms. Snarker...thanks for writing "fuck." *smiles*

Anonymous said...

"Too bad she's straight (or at least, married). :p"

Actually she's got a husband and a lover on the go. She was at the Oscars with her lover , an artist from New Zealand, while her husband, another artist, is home looking after their twins.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Marion won the OScar ! I'm so happy for her and french cinema !

really great job ;)

Anonymous said...

Dorothy, you asked where is Bette.
Why, she is with Tina of course, don't you know?

Gaëllan said...

Marion won! I hope you enjoy her, because american cinema just stole our best actress. She's the only one ever winning Bafta's, Cesar's Golden Globes and Oscars.

And the frist french actress who actually won for a french speaking movie. And she's just gorgeous.

She's in Chicago right now, shooting Mickeal Mann's Public Ennemies, with Johnny Depp. Can't wait!

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