Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pre-L: Little Boy Blue

L410 - “Little Boy Blue”

Looking for the end-of-season spoilers? Look here. Looking for a clever, concise preview of this week’s episode? Well, damn, I don’t know where you should look. But, keep reading nonetheless.

1) Dyke drama is dyke drama, no matter the language.
2) Max goes home to the house of pain.3) Paige wishes that ice cream cone was really Shane. Me too.4) Is this Law & Order? Det. Barek gives Tina the hairy eyeball.5) Jodi learns about the madness of Alpha Bette. One word: lists.6) With suitors like these, no wonder Kit drinks.7) The ladies go to the races. Run ponies run.8) Helena and Catherine get things racing too, like their blood.9) Bette has a dinner party. Guest list: new couples + crazy Jenny.10) Yeah, you kinda knew that wasn’t going to end well.

New Guestbian Count: 1
[Annabella Sciorra as Kate Arden, the new “Lez Girls” director]
Best Reason to Have Jenny Around: “Invite the little dark twisted one, she amuses me.” - Catherine
Test This Theory: “Gay girls want monkeys as children and straight girls want horses.” - Jenny

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Awesome recap!

How do you get the screenshots?? :)