Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Buffy #1: Get thee to a comic shop

Today is the day. The day Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans have dreamed about since May 20, 2003. That’s right, Buffy is back. The first issue of Joss Whedon’s Season 8 hits stores today. OK, fine, she is looking a little one-dimensional these days. But don’t hold her comic book constraints against her. The girl’s still got it.

A refresher for those playing at home: When last we saw her, our gal Buffy was standing at the edge of the swallowed Hellmouth, bruised but definitely not broken. She had defeated The First and changed the world. Plus, she wasn’t the only Chosen One anymore. And, damn if she didn’t look pleased as peach about it.The comic opens a year later. Buffy is back in the Buffy business, but now she has an army of slayers working with her. The Scooby Gang has impressive new toys, (high-tech command center and, wait, is that a helicopter?) but the mission is the same. Kill the things that go “Grrr Arrgh” in the night (and day). What can you expect from the new Buffy? A lot of the same Joss magic we know and love. Much making with the funny coupled with high-flying action. The first issue is very much an appetizer. Not all the Scoobies are seen and a potential big bad is only hinted at. But, whatever, I’m just glad to see her again. Welcome back, Buffy.Just to put you in the mood, here is the last scene from the series finale, “Chosen.” Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get your ass to the comic book store now.


Anonymous said...

I love Buffy. I started watching the show when I was 14 and I'm 22 now. So the whole Buffyverse is a major part of me growing up. Whenenver I hear the theme song I get chills down my spine, in a good way of course. It's like coming home!
I've got all 7 seasons on dvd... but i doubt that the comic was such a great idea. I thought the end was so bitter sweet, they should've left the rest to the viewers' imagination! But we'll see, maybe it's a good idea to extend the fan base since the show's not aired anymore.

Ashley Plath said...

Bloody hell! I keep forgetting about the comic. Maybe it's because I never got over Tara. We Drusilla types are like that. Arggh!

The Disillusionary said...

Hubby and I just finished watching the entire series on DVD two days ago and I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT THE COMIC BOOK!!!! Hubby is falling down on the job, not keeping me fully in the Buffy-verse. Three lashes for him! Thanks for the reminder, Dorothy!