Thursday, March 08, 2007

300 brings the pretty

WowI’m pretty excited about the new film “300,” opening tomorrow. Sure, the story is epic. And, fine, its hyper-stylized look is arresting. And, yes, the cast has talent to spare. But, mostly, I’m excited because it gives me an excuse to post these gorgeous photos of Lena Headey. It’s not all cerebral here at Surrenders. Sometimes, it’s just about the pretty. The really, really pretty.

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Anonymous said...

She's stunning and oh those lovely eyes. Not to mention the mole on her face. :)

I've seen 300 and what can I say, it's a visual feast for gay men and women alike. Abs galore and testosterone overload. It appears every single one of those 300 Spartans were ripped and good-looking. They probably did casting calls in every Gold's Gym.

Terrific battle scenes (I'm a sucker for hand to hand combats and epic battles), great slo-mo actions and excellent contrasting dark and light backgrounds. We only had Lena to feast our eyes on and she's certainly enough for me. It wasn't her best work yet but it was definitely worth watching. And everytime I see her in a wheatfield (or an oatfield?), I hear Sting's Fields of Gold in my head. :)