Monday, March 12, 2007

You gotta have Faith

Eliza Dushku will soon be slaying us again in a new TV series. No, not as a rogue vampire slayer who has a thing for leather. No, not as a nightshift morgue worker who rescues the newly deceased. And - sadly - no, not as a badass cheerleader who happens to be particularly bendy… Wait, sorry, I’m back.

No, Eliza has signed on to play Eve, the lead on the new hospital dramedy “Nurses” for Fox. Faith, a nurse? Well, we know she is not squeamish about blood. But, perhaps, she should work on her bedside manner. She looks a little aggressive with that needle.


Brie said...

if i wasn't already scared of needles i think i would be now :P

Anonymous said...

I hear the nurse is a lesbian's hoping lol