Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pre-L: Literary License to Kill

L411: “Literary License to Kill”
Just a reminder, season-ending spoilers here. Pre-cap below. And, major drama ahead.

1) Kit, still not a lesbian. Nice try, Papi.2) If these two get any cuter my head might explode.3) Jenny Schecter: 2 books; Me: not-so-buried resentment. 4) People are laughing at Bette. Sadly, not about her blouse.5) Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell sucks, really hard.6) Max’s company has a project called Egoboost. Quit now, man.7) Kate has a thing for Tina. And, apparently, eyeliner.8) Now this is a deal breaker. Welcome back to the fold, Tina.9) Max pulls a Bill Clinton with his intern. Thankfully, no cigars.10) “You are just dead fucking meat Jenny Schecter.” I’m feeling better about the whole book thing. A lot better.11) Alice chooses an unfortunate gift. And seems unclear on No. 5.12) A good argument against inter-office romances. Awkward. 13) Phyllis has a daughter. Yeah, that’s about it.14) Bette and Tina act like old friends and lovers. About time.15) Shane surprises Paige.16) Then Tasha shocks Alice.New Guestbian Count: 0
Best Line (Possibly Ever, Part II): “This writer is completely incompetent.” - Kate’s manager about Jenny
Why Grammar Matters: “That’s not even grammatically correct. Fucking idiot.” - Bette about “Lez Girls”
Can I Get An Amen: “Once a lesbian, always a lesbian.” - Henry to Tina
Guest Artist Alert: Hey, look, Goldfrapp.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me there is more of Shane in this ep.

J @ the_tee_shop said...

Same here. I'm getting so sick and tired of IC just giving the Shane fans the short end of the stick. I mean, what the FUCK?!

"The Jenny hate is so season one. I really wish people would get the fuck over it, already." -- Me.

Anonymous said...

And what's up with HelCat?

Anonymous said...

Yes, same, there's like a total of 20 minutes of Shane in the ENTIRE season. >>

And hey, surprised Kit's not been turned gay. Even if I weren't gay already, Papi would certainly turn me.

Anonymous said...

I. Heart. Goldfrapp.

Anonymous said...

Okay I agree now with the fact that this show has turned into the Bette and Alice show. Not that I am complaining, they are probably the best actresses. But it is obvious who the favorites of IC are. Jenny has had a lot too, and it makes sense that IC favors Bette, Alice, Jenny and now apparently Tasha! Shane's storyline this year is awful, screen time wise!

Anonymous said...

What about Tina. Of all of the original cast members, Laurel has gotten the worst of it with little screen time and for the most part Ilene continues to treat Tina with contempt as she continues to write Tina in the worst light for the most part.

She clearly favors Bette, Alice and Jenny. I am sick of Alice. She has taken over the freakin show. I would much rather Bette had more screen time but without Jodie. Don't get me started about that disaster of a couple. I find myself ff'ing everytime they are on screen together because of Marlee and not Jennifer.

This season is better than last season but anything would have been frankly. But for the most part the writing and editing still suck on this show.

I want the original cast of characters focused on and goddamit tell Tina's backstory, it's way overtime that it was told and Laurel deserves that respect.

Bainshee said...

I liked Bette's outfit! Hmph.

Anonymous said...

Bette has plenty of screen time! Alice is the best thing about this show. She totally deserves the amount of screen time she's been given. Every person I meet at the club says they love Alice. She must be the popular one. I'm a Shane fan myself, but I've met more Alice fans then everyone else put together. Just saying.