Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pre-L: Lacy Lilting Lyrics

L409 - “Lacy Lilting Lyrics”

Well, as you can see from last week, my little pre-caps have become decidedly more spoilery. So, be forewarned, if you continue reading prepare to be spoiled. Oh, and I’m making all the screencaps larger for your viewing enjoyment. I spoil you rotten.

1) Hey, she looks familiar. 2) Remember how agents were creepy? Directors, too.
3) Papi gets called out for being one-dimensional. About time. 4) Alice and Tasha make beautiful bedfellows. 5) The prodigal father returns. Who saw that one coming? 6) Alice’s bed is the center of the universe. Everyone wants in. 7) Bette and Jodi talk it out. Jodi realizes that she is an idiot. 8) Max gets a terrible, terrible phone call. 9) Followed by a terrible, terrible jaunty cut. Tone people, tone. 10) Kit dumps Angus, picks up the bottle. 11) Lez Girls the Musical? WTF? Seriously, what the fuck!?!
12) Nothing says I’m no longer a parent like a little vandalism.New Guestbian Count: 0

Most True Statement Ever: “You’ve ruined me for anybody else.” - Jodi to Bette

Least True Statement Ever: “It’s not about Alice.” - Helena

Guest Artist Alert: The Ditty Bops


Anonymous said...

You are the best! Thanks so much. You really do spoil us rotten


Norma Desmond said...

Bette Porter has ruined all of us... sad but true.

helenahimm said...

hahaah i dont mind spoliers!!! i luv your blog!

Anonymous said...

you are delightful and such a tease with the spoilers and I look forward to your blog each spoil us rotten with whatever, tidbits you have.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

it's not jennifer beals on the tractor....why ???