Friday, March 23, 2007

My Weekend Crush

All that AND math skillsWhen I look back on my favorite childhood shows, I realize now that my nascent sexuality had me more tuned into the female stars than the male leads. Think Denise Huxtable over Theo, Angela Chase over Jordan Catalano, and last – but by no means least – Winnie Cooper over Kevin Arnold. On “The Wonder Years,” Winnie was possibly the most adorable girl next door in the history of adorable girls next door. And, deep down, I just knew Danica McKellar would grow up to be a smoking hottie. But, no one could have guessed just how hot and how smart. Like crazy-math-genius smart. Like crazy-math-genius, summa-cum laude-degree-from-UCLA , mathematics-theorem-named-after-her smart. (It’s the Chayes-McKellar-Winn Theorem for those who like to do a little math in their spare time.) In 2005, Danica showed us the hot part of her equation with a Stuff photo shoot. I warn you, clicking may cause you to lose any and all mathematic ability. I have no idea what 2+2 equals right now. None. Then, this week those snarktastic Fug Girls reminded me again that had Danica been my next-door neighbor, my childhood would have been so much more, uh, stimulating. Oh, and that Kevin Arnold was an idiot. Happy weekend, all.

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Anne said...

I adored Winnie... of course, like so many people I adored as a girl, I had a massive crush on her, but clearly, this time around the crushing was worthy! Dear heavens, she's brilliant and... well... lots of words come to mind, but I'll stick with "really really freaking shiny" for now. ;-) Women with brains are my weakness (well, along with redheads, lol) and clearly she has them muchly. Thanks for bringing her to my attention again, and for the link to that photoshoot... my gf and I were both gobsmacked!