Thursday, March 01, 2007

Raving beauty

Steven Spielberg can kiss my gritsWhat I like about Julia Stiles - besides her rich, deep voice and tendency to not wear much makeup - is that she always seems smart. She was definitely too smart for the teen fare that made her famous, not to mention that horrid “The Omen” remake. Oh Julia, did you really need the money that badly?

Now, Julia is proving me right as she is set to release her directorial debut, the short film “Raving.” The 25-year-old actress and Columbia University graduate also wrote the script. Zooey Deschanel, Hollywood’s new Princess of Quirky, stars as a cash-strapped young woman who meets a lonely older man on the streets of New York. The story is based on an article from, of all places, ELLE magazine titled ““The dress (shirt, boots, jacket, jewels…) that changed my life.” The women’s fashion glossy sponsored the project which premieres on the Sundance Channel May 8. Check out the trailer here.
Also, I wasn’t kidding about the makeup thing. Julia is even prone to the dreaded T-zone shine, which I find even more endearing.

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