Friday, March 16, 2007

My Weekend Crush

Michelle is picture purrr-fectMichelle Pfeiffer, girl, where you been? It’s been five years since you last graced us with your big screen presence. And now you’re back with not one, not two, but three films this year. First comes the May-December romantic comedy “I Could Never Be Your Woman” with Paul Rudd and Tracey Ullman (who plays Mother Nature. Yeah, I don’t get it either). Also slated is the fairy tale fantasy “Stardust” with Robert De Niro and Claire Danes (Oh Angela Chase, sigh). You round it all out with the all-singing, all-dancing remake of the John Waters-film-turned-Broadway-musical “Hairspray.” Yesterday, you showed up at ShowWest with Hairspray cohorts like John Travolta and Queen Latifah. And, dang it, if you didn’t outshine them all. At 48 you look, well, I’m not sure good even covers it. Or great. Or amazing. I’m going to have to go with me-owww! Happy weekend, all.


ravaj said...

ms snarker - thank you for highlighting one of my all-time favourite crushes.

dangerous liaisons - the moment when she is finally ready to give in to john malkovich, and then he says no, and her response ... how did i not realise at that moment that i was a dyke.

Anonymous said...

My birthday treat when I turned 12 was Batman Returns. My little nascent lesbian self was just bound to emerge with that sort of incitement - Michelle Pfeiffer in a catsuit - me-oww indeed..!