Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why so blue, panda bear?

CLICK for the worst Valentine's Day movies everHey, buck up, little camper. Don’t let Hallmark get you down. Today, of all days, you should rejoice in your freedom. Flowers die. Chocolates go to your hips. Satin sheets are cheesy. Here are five more reasons that single is the new black this Valentine’s Day.


Gender Blank said...

When I was newly gay in 1995, Bar Girls was the first lesbian movie I rented. After watching it, I thought I was in for a cinematically lonely life. That has to be one of the low points in lesbian movie history.

ravaj said...

hey, snarker, a note from a friend of mine in china:

"we pandas are not one of the better-designed species when it comes to love :-( first of all, we are solitary for about 50 weeks of the year. if we make it through the lack of bamboo and the illegal hunters, we then have about 2 weeks to find another panda if there is to be any chance of some baby pandas."

strangely enough, this sounds like my 2006. o well - 364 days of bliss before it comes round again