Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pre-L: Lexington and Concord

L408- “Lexington and Concord”

They’re baaaack. As promised, Pre-L returns. OK, OK, hold your applause. Seriously, simmer down now. I’m just your faithful servant, here to bring you hot, sweaty pre-cap action. Enjoy.

1) For a second, I think Jenny is dead. That’s one great second.
2) Bette and Tina share a moment. It’s sweet. Seriously. 3) Max gets an intern, who dances and computers. Yeah, right.
4) Jodi has a date. Uh-oh.5) Shane and Paige love a classic American car. 6) Kit doesn’t do bareback. Smart girl. 7) Helena shows Catherine the money. Hello paper cuts. 8) We learn about the dangers of knee-jerk liberal bullshit. And creepy agents. And T-Shirt slogan. Class dismissed.9) Alice and Tasha are Carville and Matalin. It’s fucking annoying. Then, it’s fucking hot.10) For a show about lesbians, there are an awful lot of daddy issues going on. I’m just saying.

New Guestbian Count: 1
[Simone Bailly as Grace the intern]

Best Self Description: “…I’m a bombastic bully.” - Bette

Worst Outfit: Look, Little Alice on the Prairie


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. You are the best for doing this. I love Tina and Bette. They look so cute together. So glad to see them smiling for a change.

Anonymous said...

You can't see what's going on with Shane and Paige... but we can certainly guess and damn, am I excited for tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

I Love Tibette! Do they kiss tommorrow?

Anonymous said...

Ow my godnesss.... They are soo beautiful... Tks for TiBette pic.. make my day happy again!! :D

Anonymous said...

yI love Tina and Bette too. But, i guess Bette should stay with Jodi for while...
i think Tina must to understand that Bette is the love of her life.

Vivi said...

They´re so cute, together! :) I have to admit...They have such a chemistry! And yes! I agree with you.I think that Tina has to think about her life, but keep Bette closer...However,in a second thought, maybe tomorrow, or today, Ic got mad about something and decided, again,to make their/our lives miserable, again,...So, I think they have to stayed together right now :)...hahaha

Anonymous said...

I also think this is great. Tina and Bette have more vavoom in that pic than any other couple. Sorry Jobette's or whatever you call yourselves, y'all couple just is flat, dried out pancakes compared to the fluffy, moist buttermilk biscuits that is Tibette.

"I am a bombastic bully". Good for you Bette! I agree with Dorothy, that is the best self-description ever.

I truly love those Tibette pics.

Anonymous said...

"For a second, I think Jenny is dead. That’s one great second."

Nah a great moment would be if either Bette or Tina were killed off so we could get rid of that horrid relationship once and for all.

Anonymous said...

The whole Bette/Tina thing is so boring to me. Can't Tina die so that old horse of a relationship can be dead once and for all.

Alice looks stupid these days, dressing like some 40's movie extra. Ahhhh.

Anna said...

Kristanna Loken... Suck. And in Sweden suck means sigh. ;P

Love her!