Thursday, February 15, 2007

This is Sparta

Be my queenI’ve had a crush on Lena Headey since she charmed her way through “Imagine Me & You” as the hottest flower girl you’ve never met. Seriously, I must go to all the wrong florist shops. So I was pleased to see that she is back on the big screen in the upcoming “300.” Lena stars are Queen Gargo to Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas. Anyone who has seen the arresting trailers will know that this isn’t another dry historical piece. Sure, the rippling, naked male torso to rippling, naked female torso ratio appears to be heavily weighed toward the fellas. But, with Lena and an ethereal looking oracle around, I’m sure we’ll find something to catch our eye. The movie comes from the singular mind of Frank Miller. “Sin City,” his first film, was a visual feast, but narrative mess. Early reviews for “300” look good. For now, I just wanna look at the pictures. Uh, wow.


Anonymous said...

Sigh, it must be still too early in the morning and/or my mind is playing tricks on me... When I first looked at the last poster I definitely read "a saphic novel" before I saw that it actually read "graphic novel." Oh, wishful thinking...

Mara said...

FYI: Lena also stars in "The Red Baron" - a European production. Check out (there are a few Lena pics and vids on there).

Bainshee said...

"Another dry historical piece..."

OMG! You are dead to me Dorothy! Dead!

Okay well, Alexander wasn't really very good. I'll give you that.

Anonymous said...

I suppose every lesbian girl fall in love with Lena while watching 'imagine me & you'. Me and my wife DID and I'll agree totally with you:
Lena - uh wow! :-)

Greetings from Germany,