Thursday, February 01, 2007

Knock me out

Those crazy BritsWhat rock have I been living under the past year? Apparently a big, heavy, sound-proof rock, because I was just floored by Lily Allen. Sure, I’d heard her name tossed about as a new, hot, cute, young thing to watch. But I swatted all the chatter away like hype-infected tsetse flies. Be gone with you. Buzz about me no more. Wow, was I wrong. I just streamed the album at AOL and bring back those buzzing buggers. She is spunky. She is sassy. She is all those other complimentary “s” adjectives. Like her fellow pint-sized British import, Lady Sovereign, Lily brings in da noise, da funk and da fun. Ladies, let’s declare “Knock ‘Em Out” our official going out anthem, shall we? And no you can't have my number. “Why?” Because I've lost my phone. Brilliantly cheeky.

UPDATE: If you’re still not convinced, catch Lily on SNL this weekend. Seeing is believing.

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