Friday, February 02, 2007

My Weekend Crush

CLICK for more la-di-da, la-di-da, la laThat vest. That tie. That smile. I’m such an embarrassingly smitten kitten. At 61, Diane Keaton is as radiant, as vibrant, as stylish and as sexy as ever. From “Annie Hall” to “Baby Boom” and even those L’Oreal ads, Diane brings her quirky charm and underrated beauty to each role. So what if her new, bland, homogenously-titled film “Because I Said So” looks like a tired mash-up of “Something’s Gotta Give”/“Hanging Up”/“The Upside of Anger” -- I’m still going to check it out. And not for Lauren Graham (though she is yummy) and not for Piper Perabo and definitely not for Mandy Moore. I’m all about, as Alice would say, trying an older vintage. Plus, did you know last year Diane starred in the TV movie “Surrender Dorothy.” It’s fate, I tell you. Fate. Happy weekend, all.


Gender Blank said...

Nice pick!

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

i thought the pic on the left was katie holmes cruise-bot.