Friday, February 09, 2007

My Weekend Crush

Anna Nicole Smith was the last of the big, beautiful, bodacious good-time girls. She was in no way my type, but at her best she seemed like fun. Sure, she was no feminist or even post-feminist role model. She took the bombastic blonde bombshell role to the limit and beyond. Her obvious attributes were always the point. And say what you will about her equally obvious shortcomings, but there was never a mean edge to her public persona. Unlike today’s crop of Famous for Being Famous girls, Anna Nicole never disparaged anyone’s lady business or started feuds with former BFFs. She was what she was – the sexy, silly, slurry life of the party. Because of that, she was also an easy punch line. Even as her life took a tragic turn with the death of her son and the legal wrangling over her true baby daddy, Anna Nicole was a go-to cymbal crash. Now, as the aftermath of her death plays out like a farce on national television, perhaps we all feel just a little guilty for laughing along. May she find a peace she never found in life. Happy weekend, all.

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Anonymous said...

Well said, Ms. Snarker. :(