Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pre-L: Luck Be a Lady

L406 - “Luck Be a Lady”
1) You’re looking very Shane today. Shane, not so much.2) Alice is a yenta. And an underwear supporter. It’s adorable.

3) All lesbians should conference call all conversations.

4) Can Tina talk without veins popping out in her neck? Nope. 5) Someone, anyone, please give Kit something to do.

6) Papi explains the rules of seducation, er, poker. 7) Which is wicked hotter: Vulnerable Bette or Alpha Bette? 8) Tasha can handle her bitches. And be all that she can be. 9) Max grows a pair. Metaphorically.

10) Debbie Downer/Jenny finally realizes her own crazy. 11) I would kill to have Alice flirt with me for 5 seconds. Seriously.

12) Paige makes meatloaf sound sexy. 13) Helena feels lucky. Please note the number to the left.

Guestbian Count: 1
[Sandrine Holt as Catherine Rothberg]

Best Advice: “Re-break up with her. Because some lesbians, you know what, you have to break up with more than once.” - Bette

Best Introduction: “This is Jennifer fucking Schecter, the lunatic whose book I reviewed.” - Stacey

Best Excuse to Put Shane in Underwear:


Anonymous said...

Shane you have to eat, food for Shane please

Anonymous said...

Shane is so fucking hot.

Bainshee said...

I love these Pre-L segments. :)