Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pre-L, Interrupted

WTF!?! No Pre-L this week? That's it, we're leaving!

Well shoot. The screeners for the second half of the season have been slow in coming, so no Pre-L this week. My apologies. Fear not, I have been assured that they will arrive next week which means my little pre-caps will return as scheduled next Saturday. For now, enjoy a few of my favorite screencaps from the first half of the season. Oh, the memories.

When Alpha Bette AttacksWhen Jodi Cops a Feel When Shane Strikes Pose When Jenny Rolls Her Eyes at Herself So We Don’t Have To When Alice, Oh Whatever, It’s Alice

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Anonymous said...

Damn, I was hoping to find out if Tasha would return. As much as I love Cybil Shepherd (I swear I saw every single episode of Cybil), I will be pissed as hell if Phylis has chased off Tasha for good. I dunno, somehow I've grown a little tired of everyone on that show being so gosh darn pretty. They need a hard ass like Tasha. And I NEED to see more of her.