Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lesbians are mean

Mean GirlsI was looking for information on the new film “Gray Matters” - otherwise known as “Heather Graham’s lesbian movie”- when I came across this article from Cinema Blend (via Daily Dose of Queer, thanks!). Now while I think the reviewer is right about this strange mini-trend of mainstream lesbian romantic comedies, I’m not sure I follow him on the “mean-spirited” thing. He used last year’s “Imagine Me & You” and the upcoming “Gray Matters” as examples where lesbians are made to “look like heartless, brutal, selfish, conniving bitches.” OK, well, that’s one perspective. While I thought “Imagine Me & You” was a bit light and a wee contrived, the last thing I would ever call it was mean. Perhaps mean because I don’t get to go home to Lena Headey, but that’s my issue and I’m working on it. And sure, neither film is a likely Oscar winner or particularly deep. But genuinely mean spirited? Really? So any movie where the girl gets the girl over another guy is mean spirited? No one calls movies where the guy gets the girl over another guy mean spirited. They call them light, frothy, fun and romantic. Yeah, I’m going to call bullshit on that or perhaps just sore loser. Wait, wait, did I say that last bit out loud?


KMae said...

They have Dame Judy Denche as a ruthless, cut throat preditor dyke it this new film. I hated it.

Sappho said...

I loved Imagine Me and You. I freaked when my best friend got it for me for Christmas. And mean?!?! WTF?!