Monday, February 26, 2007

(Not So) Live Blog of the Gay Oscars

Hollywood’s biggest night went off without a hitch (unless you count Celine Dion’s inexplicable musical number. Why must you punish us so?) Yes, Marty Scorsese finally won his Oscar and Al Gore can now add “Oscar winner” to his titles along with “Almost President.” But, let’s cut the filler and get straight to the gay stuff. A chronological recap of the night’s most queerrific moments:

5:37 PM: Ellen emerges wearing a red, velvet tuxedo. She then quips in her monologue: “If there weren't blacks, Jews or gays, there would be no Oscars.” 6:26 PM: A dance troupe will be interpreting the best picture nominees, among others, through the night. That’s pretty gay.
6:33 PM: Melissa Etheridge sings her nominated song “I Need to Wake Up,” which is perfect since the Randy Newman/James Taylor number before put me into a coma.
6:35 PM: Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio talk about the “Green Oscars.” I just thought the gay boys might appreciate a shot of Leo. And, for the bears out there, Al. 7:00 PM: Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt come out to present holding hands. My naughty fantasies now come with real, live visuals. Then, they give the costume design award to a lady wearing a suit and little tie. She thanks her husband, but it’s too late and she has now been added to a new fantasy sequence. 7:10 PM: Ellen works the crowd in a white tux. Gets Steven Spielberg to take a picture of her and Clint Eastwood for her Myspace page, thus proving that the internet is - indeed - gay.
7:29 PM: Cate Blanchett and Clive Owen come out, finally giving gay men and women a presenting duo they can enjoy equally. 8:20 PM: Jennifer Hudson wins for Dreamgirls. I know she’s not gay, but she was in a musical and I’m happy for her.
8:30 PM: Queen Latifah and John Travolta present Melissa the Best Song Oscar. I’ll let you decide how many in that trio are gay… Melissa kisses Tammy on the way up and then thanks her and their four children in her terrific speech: “Wow, that feels as good as you think it does.” It feels good for us, too, Melissa. 8:40 PM: Kate Winslet. Just Kate Winslet, le sigh. 8:45 PM: Jodie Foster introduces the In Memoriam segment. Oh Jodie, Jodie. Come out, honey. Everybody knows. 8:50 PM: Ellen changes into a blue tuxedo. She has now worn red, white and blue suits. She’s an All-American girl, get it?
8:55 PM: Helen Mirren is the queen of the Oscars. My love for her is unending. She can now drop her fries.9:15 PM: A drop-dead sexy Diane Keaton comes out with a drop-dead scary Jack Nicholson and gives Marty his Oscar. I’m happy for Marty, but I want to see more Diane. A lot more.


Anonymous said...

"But, let’s cut the filler and get straight to the gay stuff."

LOL! I so wish you were the editor for the Oscars. I force myself to sit through the 3(or is it 4) hour broadcast for even the most subtle homoerotic subtext in it. The Emily/Meryl/Anne part this year was my fave.

Anonymous said...

like a month or so ago there was this rumour about Hathaway being gay, supossedly while filming one of her movies she "shared" (if you know what i mean, and i think you do) a house with one of her female co-stars and people were guessing if the co-star was Emily watching those two holding hands was like OMG OMG OMG....

and for the homoerotic subtext I can believe how gay (as in lesbic) the oscars were this seemed to me that there were a lot of winks during the ceremony...
Anna Hathaway and Emily Blunt
Melissa Etheridge and her wife
Queen Latifa
Jodie Foster
Diane Keaton
Jessica Biel

even Helen Mirren...who apparently have the power to be a real turn on for young women (maybe we just were bored).

should be remembered as Lez Oscars....

Anonymous said...

Since you love Helen so much I thought you might appreciate this little video :)

ravaj said...

like i just blogged - what is going on with jack nicholson? (i managed to move my eyes to the left of your keaton pic) my oscar party friend thought he looked like brando, but i think more a cross between daddy warbucks and lex luthor :-)

RedBeet said...

Ravaj - re: jack's shaved head - the washingtonpost said:

"Jack did not pull a Britney and shave whatever he has left for a kookoo reason. He's in a movie with Morgan Freeman and they play cancer patients who are about to die and decide to spend their last days on a road trip. It's called the Bucket List or something like that, I think"

And I don't think the Anne Hathaway Rumor is right. My sister's-roommates-brother knows her AND her ridiculous boyfriend. Not that my outlandish sources are any more reliable that your gaydar, but my gaydar isn't beeping this time.