Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pre-L: Lez Girls

L405 - “Lez Girls”

We get up close and personal with Max. Too personal.
2) Angus. The nanny. Even Tina’s storyline is better than this.
3) Jenny goes back to the vet. If only she’d put herself down.4) Phyllis discovers “The Whole Lesbian Sex Book.” Good luck with that Alice.5) Bette and Tina try to do lunch. Emphasis on try.
6) Jenny gets published in “The New Yorker.” Seriously, will someone please PUT HER DOWN!
7) Paige is, what I believe the kids these days would call, a MILF.8) Helena is a caterer. Oh, and she’s also a mother, remember?
9) Alice makes a new friend. A friend with a motorcycle. 10) Jodi and Bette get their Amsterdam on. I may pass out.New Guestbian Count: 1
[Rose Rollins as Tasha]
Best Line (Possibly Ever): “I don’t kiss girls who wear doilies.” - Alice
Best Fake Research Topic: “The gentle manatees of Northeast Florida.” - Jenny


Gorilla Bananas said...

How would a gorilla get into the lesbian scene?

Anonymous said...

Uh....any way it wanted?

Heather said...

The "put Jenny down" thing is hilarious. We were all yelling that as the doc put her dog down. "Please, PLEASE, accidentally stab Jenny with that needle!!!"

Plus, major points for a fantastic sarcasm-off between Alice and Jenny, and then almost having Bette make out with Marlee Matlin. Woo!

Kelly said...

Best Line (Possibly Ever): “I don’t kiss girls who wear doilies.” - Alice