Wednesday, December 30, 2020

My Year of Screens: Favorites of 2020

Is it an oxymoron to make best lists for 2020? Probably, given *waves arms at everything* But, because I’m stubborn and don’t learn well, I shall try. This year instead of best, I will just tell you my favorites. We spent much of the year inside, behind screens like everyone else. In a year as monstrous with its grief, pain, frustration, stress and anger, anything that helped you get through it is worth watching. So here’s what helped me. May it help some of you as well. Enjoy what you enjoy.

Favorite Holigay Rom-Com: Happiest Season
Whatever you have to say about this movie (and, clearly, I had a lot to say per my full review), this is the queer movie of the year simply because of how it moved the needle for queer representation in cheesy holiday rom-coms. For many of us it represents the first time we got to feel a part of something everyone else has already been doing forever. And that matters.

Favorite This Should Be Gayer Film: The Old Guard
This is unapologetically probably my favorite movie of 2020 for its elegant, seamless action and story that while obviously fantastical somehow perfectly fits the reality of our current moment. I mean, it’s about a team of world-weary immortals searching for a reason to keep fighting for this miserable world. That’s about as 2020 as you can get. But, you know, next time make it gayer. (Though, keep Charlize's hair exactly as is, please and thank you.)

Favorite Everyone in This Movie is Kinda Gay Film: Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)
I have watched this film four times now and it’s just a cacophonous delight of personality, color and baddassery. If only Hollywood would give us more female-fronted action like “The Old Guard” and “Bird of Prey,” instead of the 3 millionth incarnation of the Spider-Man/Batman/Superwhatever origin stories, well, I’d be a much happier moviegoer. That’s for sure.

Favorite Everyone in This Movie Already Gay Film: The Prom
Just a fun musical with an absurdly talented cast that is just shy of practically perfect because of James “Why Not Cast an Actual Gay Actor Instead of Me” Corden.

Favorite Queer Teen Film: The Half of It
Sweet, thoughtful, gay, diverse. What a lovely little gem of a movie that more people should watch.

Favorite Feel Good Queer TV: Schitt’s Creek
It took me ridiculously long to start watching this show. But if you have to catch up on this truly wonderful series I can recommend no time better than during a global pandemic when you need to believe in people, love and the joy of being gay more than ever.

Favorite Feel Good Queerish TV: The Good Place
There once was an entire sitcom dedicated to answering the question, “How to be a good person.” And it was very good, and the finale was sublime and looking back to the pre-pandemic beauty of it all it barely seems real. But it was real. And it was lovely.

Favorite Feel Good Not Queer TV: How to With John Wilson
This show is just weird, but in a wonderful and unexpectedly compassionate way. There’s not a single lesbian thing about it and the protagonist/creator is a straight white man and you should still watch.

So, that’s just a small sampling of what I watched in 2020. How about you? What got you through 2020?

p.s. If nothing else, 2021 should bring a lot less of a certain someone on our screens. Oh, he’ll yell and rant and tweet and spew and whine. But we just won’t have to care anymore – and about him ever again. The only thing I want to hear about anyone with the last name Trump after January 20 is how long their jail sentence will be. Otherwise, fuck off forever you hateful grifter morons. Getting rid of you is my favorite part of 2020.


Helena said...

Great list - and I will add reading Dorothy Surrenders to my list.

Anonymous said...

Favorite Queer Sci-Fi: Star Trek Discovery. Truly the gayest Trek of all, and the latest season has gone where no trek has gone before with gender identity.

Anonymous said...

Wynonna Earp. That's it. That's the list.

Carmen San Diego said...

So much yes about the last paragraph