Friday, June 05, 2020

My Weekend Crush

We’ve all been giving our cable and streaming services a workout during these – as what every single commercial on TV keeps telling us are – unprecedented times. Now, more than ever – as every one of these damn ads keep reminding us – we are looking for distraction from our sad realities. If only for a little while. So, again, to celebrate the start of Pride Month please enjoy all of the queer media I’ve enjoyed through all of this. Perhaps in at least what we’re watching we can be – again as they can’t stop saying in these ridiculous ads – all in this together.

“The Half of It,” Netflix

The long (long, long, long, long, long) awaited cinematic follow-up for “Saving Face” director Alice Wu debuted while most of us were all still safely sheltering in place. This is a sweet teen story of sticking out and sticking up for our true selves grows on you with each watch. It’s a very solid if at times achingly earnest look at teenage love from a viewpoint so rarely seen in mainstream cinema. While the story has some tonal issues – it can veer from almost campy teen satire to sincere spiritual philosopher in a flash – it’s innate sweetness wins out in the end. And I am always going to relate to a story about a nerdy Asian-American girl who realizes she is gay while living in small-town America. Always.

“Vita & Virginia,” Hulu

This stylish retelling of the love story between writers Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackfield-West plays more thirsty than romantic. While there is admirable chemistry between its stars Elizabeth Debicki (as Virginia) and Gemma Arterton (as Vita) – I mean at least the ladies have The Look down – the passionate story can get tripped up in its own theatrical telling. There’s some style over substance happening, for sure. But at least Elizabeth and Gemma know how to telegraph their desire – and flat-out lust – for each other effortlessly. In fact it’s these looks that are the films strongest suit. And, while this may make me sound like an old fogey shaking my fist at those kids on the lawn, I was also put off by the film’s insistane that this period drama should be set to a relentless EDM beat. I was not expecting this literary longing to be set to techno, but here we are.

“Never Have I Ever,” Netflix

Yes, I know, another teen comedy. But this sweet (I know, another sweet thing, but I’m gravitating toward sweet stuff – OK?) comedy series from Mindy Kaling is another example of why our diversity is our strength. The show centers around a 15-year-old Indian-American teen girl dealing with the sudden death of her father, the cultural pressures from her family, and normal teenage dramas. But instead of being just another teen show, it’s a very funny and very smart and very refreshing take on the universal horror of being a teenager in America. Plus, there’s a lesbian storyline which I wish there was more of, but then I always wish there was more gay stuff. Always.

“Tommy,” CBS

So, I’ve decided “Tommy” was trying to be the “West Wing” of police shows. The series about the first female police chief for the city of Los Angeles, played by Edie Falco, who also happens to be a lesbian wants to make liberal folks feel good about law enforcement – like what Aaron Sorkin’s hit drama did for politics. It was admirably acted, though its emotional arcs were uneven. And, not to sound like a broken record, but there needed to be way, way more gay stuff.

So, what LGBTQ stuff have you been watching? Share, kittens, because we’re stronger united – as every corporation won't stop telling us. Happy safe and healthy weekend, all.


Helena said...

Captain Lance and agent Sharpe from Legends just give me so much joy :) Have a safe and healthy weekend Dorothy.

Carmen San Diego said...

I wanted to love The Half of it but it didn’t land for me. I needed less straight boy and more crush girl. Also that needed to be set in the 90s. Otherwise how is she not able to have found community online ?

Carmen San Diego said...

And I really liked Tommy and I’m bummed that it got cancelled just when it got good

Carmen San Diego said...

Right now I’m enjoying Dead to Me and I finished Mrs America, who got better as it went along
Gotta catch up on Batwoman and Killing Eve

Anonymous said...

Legends of Tomorrow seasons 3-5 and She-ra are super gloriously gay and amazing.

lisa said...

Hightown! on Starz.... Monica Raymond in Provincetown! And plenty of gay stuff to go with the murder and drugs!

Mitch said...

Captain Sarah Lance and Ava are killing it on legends of tomorrow. The show is now part Buffy, part Star Trek and a whole lotta of wacky gay shenanigans. She-ra’s last season was better than Korra in representation. They even had a non-binary character who uses non-binary pronouns. Thanks for all the wonderful posts. I’m a long, long, long time fan. You’re amazing!

XX said...

VIDA (starz) The third season was also its last. Very sad, the show will be missed

Sthur said...

Highly recommend ' Anne+ ' especially since this lovely show is finally available in english! More info:

Anonymous said...

motherland fort salem!