Thursday, December 31, 2020

Let me go 2021

Well, we celebrated Christmas Eve with “My So-Called Life,” it only seems right we spend New Year’s Eve together too. Also, I will always happily age myself by referring back to my favorite one-season show. Something about the energy of this clip has stuck with me all these years. The freedom of releasing something that absolutely destroyed you for a long time is more than cathartic. It’s healing. So as we end this most horrible and horrifying of years, let us all figuratively (and literally, if you can – I mean, why not?) exorcise the demons of 2020 by collectively dancing on our beds with complete abandon. Fuck you, this fucking year. May we all find a happier, healthier 2021 ahead.


Helena said...

Wishing you and your wife and the family a happy , safe and healthy 2021. Dancing on the bed sounds like a good way to say goodbye to 2020.

Carmen San Diego said...

“Fuck you 2020” sums it up
Wishing you and Mrs Snarker a very happy and healthy 2021