Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tank Top Tuesday

Told you I have having an SMG moment. Though, really, anyone in a tank top can make me have a moment. Hey, sometimes I’m easy. And you love it, too.

Angelica Huston

The tank top that started it all. No, really.

Danielle Brooks

Taystee, indeed.

Nicole Curtis

But, seriously, have you started watching “Rehab Addict” yet?

Ming-Na Wen

Every time I see her I feel bad for not sticking with “Agent of Shield.”

Scarlett Johansson

Finally watched “Lucy” and, damn, she was good in it. Weird movie, though. Weird.

Padma Lakshmi

She makes me want to be a better…cook. Yeah, we’ll go with cook.

Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson

Every time I see these two I feel bad for not finding time to watch “Broad City” yet. But I will, I WILL, dammit.


Aliyah O’Brien

The Canadian actress is one half of the Office Lunchbox ship from “Rookie Blue” (the other half being Charlotte Sullivan). This is a show which I don’t watch but have seen countless gifs for on Tumblr. Aliyah has also described her sexuality as “who cares” because she is “attracted to men and women.” Oh, and I didn’t even realize it but she was also in “Ascension.”

Laura Vandervoort

Hey, look, another Canadian actress I’m relatively unfamiliar with. But she stars in “Bitten,” a show about werewolves. So, naturally, now I’m interested.

Teri Polo

Now this lady I do know. And I couldn’t be happier for the continued success of “The Fosters.”

p.s. Oh, kittens, there will be some Ashlyn Harris/Ali Krieger tank top loving in our future. Gotta stock up for the World Cup. Also, I need a refresher on which team members are officially out again. By default I assume they all are, obviously.


Helena said...

Thank you for bringing joy on this Tuesday - and especially for Teri :)

Tristen said...

I'm addicted to Rehab Addict. Great show. Glad to see a woman showing she can remodel homes just like the men.

Anonymous said...

I have tried agents of shield and just cannot get into it. It is not a typical Joss Whedon production.

sofff said...

Speaking of super cute soccerplayers couple (not that Ashlyn&Ali are "officialy" a couple but *hrum* wellll..), this one is freshly out: http://www.pitchsidereport.com/2015/03/17/ella-masar-love-entry-25/
Erin was already out but it's the first time Ella Masar talks openly about their relationship and it's super powerful/awesome/cute/gaaaaah

Shasta said...

I'm still totally digging SHIELD and part of it is definitely Ming-Na's complete and utter badassery. She's stunning.

I'm not sure if Bitten is better or worse if you've read the books they're based on, but I enjoy it. Laura Vandervoort was creepy/awesome Morena Baccarin's daughter on V. She's fun and really rocks the tank tops in the show!

Carmen SanDiego said...

Teri Polo + tank top + PP backdrop = lesbian trifecta
Well done, DS!

ExceptForBunnies said...

I'm convinced that one must have at least one SMG moment per day, preferably tank-topy, to lead one's life well. I heart your blog anyway, Dorothy, but your latest posts made me very happy, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Time to get back into S.H.I.E.L.D., show's gotten much better since all that time they spent in season 1 waiting for the Winter Soldier tie-in. It's moved away from the sort of procedural show it was during much of season 1 to being more serialized show. And it's doing it's job moving things along in MCU.