Monday, March 09, 2015

Females Are Unbreakable As Hell

,p>You know when you think something is going to be good, but then you finally watch it and it’s really, really good? Like, you thought you’d like it, but then you really, really like it. Like you thought “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” would be funny, but then it’s really, really funny. Perhaps the best (also perhaps the only) comedy about a doomsday cult, the show gives us a Pollyanna for the modern age. Kimmy Schmidt is relentlessly optimistic because she has to be after 15 years living in an underground bunker. Her sunniness is a survival tactic, but also a sign of strength.

Naturally, I’m inclined to like anything by my Fake TV Wife Tina Fey, but even if we weren’t pretend married I would love this show. It’s funny and weird and smart and weird and unexpected and weird. Yes, it’s weird, but in a really, really good way. Leave it to Tina to follow up “30 Rock” with Kimmy Schmidt. She is more Leslie Knope than Liz Lemon, with a winsomeness that comes both from weathering the world’s injustices as much as uncovering the world’s wonders.

The show has found its truly unbreakable star in Ellie Kemper, who plays Kimmy just a notch below deranged yet still makes her impossible to dislike. To not root for Kimmy is some sort of sin. And – as with any Tina (and her producing partner Robert Carlock) show – the supporting characters nearly steal the whole damn show. Tituss Burgess it Kimmy’s very gay, very aspiring actor roommate (you might remember him as D’Fawn as one of entourage on the show-within-a-show, within-a-show, within-a-show “Queen of Jordan” on “30 Rock”). Jane Krakowski is the wealthy socialite who has hired Kimmy as a nanny (you should remember her as self-obsessed actress/monster Jenna Maroney on “30 Rock). Carol Kane is Kimmy’s kooky landlord (you know who Carol Kane is, don’t even play).

I gorged myself on the first 10 episodes over the weekend but stopped and saved the final three because it’s too damn good to be over. Luckily, it has already been renewed for a second season. If Kimmy can wait 15 years to see the sunshine, I guess I can wait 365 days for some more Unbreakable.

p.s. This being a Tina show and all, there’s a decided feminist streak to the series, which extends to its unbelievably hummable theme song. I’m still singing it now because FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL.


Panty Buns said...

It's not that often that I watch a movie or TV series that NetFlix Recommends to me, but when Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was recommended I dropped everything and binge-watched every episode one-after another it all the way to the end of the season and still want more. I loved Jane Krakowski's character too. Although I would have loved a larger lesbian love element I really did love the strong female lead and uplifting overall mood - the former "mole woman" female lead overcoming male dominated adversity against-all-odds. The show was a treat to watch.

Anonymous said...

Troll the respawn Jeremy.

Carmen SanDiego said...

And there I go, to watch another DS reccommendation

egghead said...

Troll the respawn Jeremy, that was fun. Kind of like bugger, bastard and bum, so nonsensical.

Interesting subject matter, Tina Fey. Reminds me of the 3 girls found in Ohio. They alive damnit! It's a miracle! For Tina Fey to have trod close to this subject matter is a miracle. This is damned funny. And I love the lead with her infectious smile. That smile could keep the lights on in my apartment for a year. :) Thanks Tina Fey.