Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beals is Back

Alas, there’s no “Rizzoli & Isles” on Tuesgay again until June. So as long as we’re pining for our two favorite totally gay, not-gay couple, add in a little longing for our favorite artist formerly known as Alpha Bette. Since its initial announcement last May little has been released on Jennifer Beals’ new show, “Proof.” We knew it was going to be about a doctor looking for proof of live after death. We knew it was produced by Kyra Sedgwick. We knew it was on TNT. And we knew it had one trailer of Jennifer looking very Alpha.

But after that, not much. So now, finally, we have another trailer for the show which gives us just a teeny-tiny bit more. But it’s making me a whole lot more excited for the show because medical drama + supernatural elements + Jennifer Beals in a labcoat = Yes, Please, and Thank You.

While the show doesn’t have a launch date other than “Summer 2015,” my continued great hope is that TNT will pair this show with “Rizzoli & Isles” to give us an all-awesome-ladies, all-the-time bloc of programming.

So, thoughts? I don’t know about you, but man, does it feel good to have Jennifer back on our teevees. So good. 

p.s. Damn, I swear the video head didn't say "June 2015" before, but I will absolutely take it. Woo and hoo!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dorothy, actually the header of the video says "premiers June 2015".

Anonymous said...

Also, "Perception" has been cancelled by TNT. So you may get your wish as that is the time slot after "Rizzoli and Isles" on Tuesdays.

azinthesun said...

I hope this series connects w/audiences. The trailer (Beals) looks awesome. Does this woman ever age? Think not! I hope it has a good long run. Being behind R & I, gives it a decent chance. It's amazing how "Chicago Code" didn't make it but"Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." did. Probably not enough sex and bare-chested men and barely dressed women in "CC".

Shazzer said...

I'm not especially keen on the subject matter (death), but if it gets Jennifer Beals back on TV I'll figure out a way to work with it. ;^)