Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some Nice Broads

On this, “Rizzoli & Isles” day, it’s only fitting we talk about a new female cop show. While solo female-fronted crime procedurals are becoming more and more common (from The Fall, Top of the Lake, The Closer, Saving Grace, In Plain Sight, Cold Case, Prime Suspect, Police Woman), female buddy or ensemble crime shows are still a rarity. I think I can name then on less than one full hand. “Cagney & Lacey,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Women’s Murder Club…and that’s about it.

But into that mix now comes “Broad Squad,” about the first four women to graduate from Boston’s Police Academy in 1978. Now, I can’t decide if I love or haaaate the show’s title, but I certainly am intrigued by its premise. (Also, the title apparently comes from what the four graduates were actually called in the press – so there’s that.) Another thing I’m sure of is how psyched I am about the cast.

“Six Feet Under” alum Lauren Ambrose, “True Blood” alum Rutina Wesley, “Magic Mike” love interest Cody Horn and relative newcomer (seriously, she was “Whore #3 in “Les Misérables”) Charlotte Spencer. Fine, two of the three are really exciting, and one of those two is really, really exciting because The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Rutina’s character will play a “guarded, professional and private” lesbian cop on the series.

Yep, I think I’m gonna want to meet these broads. Now if only they’d actually make “Dyke & Fats” I’d be in female cop buddy show heaven.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Dyke and Fats would be amazing

sk said...

"Broad Squad" rhymes if you live in Boston :)

It might also be a reference to Broad St. and the associated riots in Boston, but that may be too subtle. (I think it caught a reference on R&I last week too, but that may just have been a random street name.)

voltairesmistress said...

Check out this duo, Scott & Bailey, from Britain, but available on Amazon. Great show, great friendship between two women detectives with very different abilities and life experiences.

Tristen said...

I agree with @voltairmistress that Scott and Bailey is a must see. 2 female detectives and thier boss is also female. Interesting stories and a very British way of doing police work. The ladies are almost too polite.

Anonymous said...

scott and bailey is great ! how about another series...Nikki and Nora, cox and vassey have great chemistry together. They need money ....from all of us.