Friday, March 13, 2015

My Weekend Crush

After nearly nine years of writing this blog and countess expressions of my love for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” I came to the startling realization yesterday that I have never properly crushed on Sarah Michelle Gellar. Granted I’ve sung the praises of the show and Buffy Summers. But the woman behind the leather pants and kicky boots? I am so terribly remiss.

So now, appropriately, on the 18th anniversary week of the premiere of “Buffy” here is a very belated appreciation of SMG. Without her, obviously, there would be no Buffy. I mean, I like Katie Holmes and everything (mostly pre-Cruise) but she is no Buffy. In fact, one of the clearest signs that someone has completely owned and inhabited a role is your complete and utter inability to see anyone else in it.

Of course, it’s that very unshakeable association that she has had to (ever so gently) fight against ever since Buffy ended. In the nearly dozen years since the finale aired, she has done alright. Several movies, two one-season TV shows. While I watched both “Ringer” and “The Crazy Ones,” it was admittedly on-and-off for both shows. (Though, I really thought “The Crazy Ones” deserved a shot at a second season because it was incredibly likeable and darn funny.) But nothing has stuck like Buffy.

But I continue to have faith (no, not that Faith) that someone as supremely talented as SMG will find her way to something else really great. She deserves it. The more you watch her, the more you realize how very good she is at pretty much everything. Action? Duh, check. Comedy? Hello, check. Drama? Please, if you didn’t cry your eyes out at her in “The Body” you’re among the undead.

p.s. Her Buzzfeed gif answers further prove that she actually writes her (funny/corny/adorable) Twitter feed herself.

p.p.s. Also, she can spit some rhymes, yo.


Carmen SanDiego said...

OMG I am just realizing that it was SMG on that Cinderella vs Belle video. Wow. I need to go to the optometrist


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