Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sadly, not a lesbian movie

As I peruse the coming attractions, I’m always looking for new movies with intriguing titles. So, imagine my delight when I came across the film, “In the Land of Women.” A land of women? Sign me up! Book my ticket. My bags are already packed.

So, then, imagine my disappointment when I learned that the film was not about the Isle of Lesbos or Northampton or even the local Home Depot. It’s about Adam Brody searching his soul and finding love. Oh please. Seriously, yawn-o. If there is one trend I can do without it’s the rise of the insecure, narcissistic male antihero (for reference, I speak of the Zach Braffs of the world. Lloyd Dobler did it better, boys. Granted, a lot of new trends bug me – including, but not limited to, Ugg boots, high-waisted pants and Girls Gone Wild lesbianism).

But then, after I got past my initial distaste of the whiny male in arrested development genre, I took a look at the actual women in the cast. Hey, isn’t that Meg Ryan? Gee, could that be Olympia Dukakis? Wow, do I spy Kristen Stewart all grown up? Yes, yes, and – ahem – yes.

Kristen, you will remember, played Jodie Foster’s tomboy, look-alike daughter in “Panic Room.” She is, for the record, 17. And, as the movie poster so without-a-doubt shows, she plays Adam’s love interest. Adam, for the record, is 27. I’m not wonderful with the maths, but what kind of hurried-up May-December (OK, more like May-early October) relationship is this? The film synopsis calls Adam’s character a TV writer who goes back to Detroit to find himself and instead finds a whole family of women next door willing to offer him sage advice and, in Kristen’s case, a little tonsil hockey. So, basically, he returns home to date a high school student. Somehow, I don’t think this sort of thing would happen in a real land of women.


dot said...

ha. you're amusing.
it was the beginning of the end when my last girlfriend fell in love with Uggs. i couldnt handle her fuzzy feet.

Anonymous said...

"I speak of the Zach Braffs of the world"

So true... Someone should really serve ten to life for the crime that is "Garden State".

ten said...

Sigh, Kristen Stewart with Adam Brody... I'm still leaning on catching the movie just for her.

Anonymous said...

You should watch it, though! Kristen could be really hot in there!

MFL said...

If it's a list of lesbian movies you are after, you should check out

Just because you mention her, Meg Ryan is someone that i have never seen in a lesbian interest movie.

We've seeen Nicole kidman, Meryl streep. Kate Capshaw, even that chick from ER with the other chick from closer. But no Meg Ryan!!

I think I've gone off on a rant here.