Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Weekend Crush

Audrey Tautou is so exquisite, she seems almost better suited for a museum than the movies. While some might dismiss her as just another gamine of the moment, I believe the lovely French actress is one for the ages. If you didn’t fall just a little bit in love with her after watching “Amélie,” then you may want to check yourself for a pulse. Yet her appeal goes beyond woman-child adorableness. Certainly, the comparisons to Audrey Hepburn are obvious. But I think her charm comes from a more off-beat and down-to-earth place, as does her elegance. And then there’s the whole French thing. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a gal with je ne sais quoi. Happy weekend, all.


RoxBNL8 said...

she is absolutely incredible...beautiful AND talented. i'm going to go find my copy of amelie.... :)

red said...

If you haven't you should see "Happenstance" and "Auberge Espagnole" even "He Loves Me... He Love Me Not." I fell in love with Audrey 6 years ago and never looked back

Ana said...

u need to watch this movie she made (that im not sure whats the name in english but in portuguese is "mal me quer bem me quer") she is soooooo good is untrue

btw, ive been reading ure blog for quite a while and this is my 1st comment and i just wanna say that i love ure blog... its so funny at times and so serious at other times. u are truly honest about what u say and im glad i get to read it.

thanks a lot for writting



RoxBNL8 said...

oh yeah! i love l'auberge espanol. she's great in pretty little dirty things, too.

Iggyroo2000 said...

i must totally agree with you. audrey is a fantastic person. she's just adorable.

i must hand it to you, you picked a wonderful weekend crush this week.

Caro said...

Only a weekend crush??? Surely not!