Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Damn good coffee

We're off to see Agent Dale Cooper, the Log Lady and One-Eyed Jack...Back in the early 90s, my television watching life revolved around one simple question: “Who killed Laura Palmer?” I loved everything about David Lynch’s dark, hypnotic drama “Twin Peaks.” Even today if I think of its eerie theme, I feel equal parts nostalgic and freaked out. Last week, the long-awaited second and final season was released on DVD. Really, looking back, it’s amazing Lynch ever got his unabashedly weird show on prime time television in the first place. With its motley cast of oddballs and even odder balls, “Twin Peaks" was (until the wheels came off toward the end of the second season) unmatched in its surrealist vision. Plus, no other show could brew up as good a cup of coffee.

NOTE: Since we all know who killed Laura Palmer, let’s delve into an even bigger mystery -- what the hell happed to the careers of the women of Twin Peaks?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I had so big crush on Peggy Lipton!

And Lara was sexy space-witch on MIB2


Lou said...

Ah yes, Sherilyn Fenn, sigh. Poor lass, I think her last career high point (?) was as Joey's-date-with-a-wooden-leg on Friends..