Thursday, April 12, 2007

Moore than meets the eye?

The brown hair really helps, no?Every now and then, believe it or not, I misjudge a person. I know, I know. You’re reeling from the shock of my non-infallibility. I will give you a minute to recover and realign the very bedrock of your moral underpinnings. ... OK, all better?

So, I’m starting to think I might have misjudged Mandy Moore. I know, I know. She sang that damn “Candy” song. And, just look at her. She’s so darn wholesome. When she first came on the scene, I kept confusing her with Jessica Simpson. But, I have to say, the girl is growing on me. Plus, the brown hair helps.

Music aside, Mandy has made some wickedly wise choices in her acting career. Sure, there was the requisite teenage tripe, but there was also that delicious turn in “Saved!” If you didn’t enjoy watching Mandy throw a bible at Jena Malone’s head while screaming “I am FILLED with Christ’s Love!” then perhaps we shouldn’t be friends.

Mandy is on a PR offensive of late, appearing in Vanity Fair, Elle and C magazines. Unsurprisingly, she also has a new album coming out in June, titled “Wild Hope.” Will I buy it? Yeah, still no. But the more I read about her, the more I like Moore.

On her singing and acting skills to Elle:
“I’m mediocre at both. I’m not trying to be self deprecating. I’m just being honest.”

On her figure to C:

“I’m not willing to deprive myself. I am who I am. I know I don’t fit into the trendy look right now, but I’m much happier representing this body type. I have to make other sacrifices, like not seeing my friends, for my career, so if I want French fries, I’ll have them.”

On her hopes for “Wild Hope” to Elle:

“I don’t want any expectations. I just want people to know that I still sing. Most people don’t realize that, or else they hate my music – rightfully so.”

Well, she is definitely saying the right things. And she seems to be working with the right people, too. Mandy collaborates with some talented indie singer-songwriters on her new album, including Rachael Yamagata, The Weepies and Lori McKenna.

So here goes. Mandy Moore, I am giving you a second chance. You seem like an intelligent, centered young woman. I am going to leave my residual high school resentment toward cute, perky cheerleader types behind. I am going to overlook Andy Roddick, Zach Braff and DJ AM. And since you seem to be beating yourself up quite a bit about the whole “Candy” thing, I’ll even let that one go. So, here is your chance. Prove me right.


Feminist Housewife said...

Hahaha - I love this post, and I love Mandy (the brown hair makes all the difference)!

I'm not into her music, but I love her movies - have you seen American Dreamz? She's hilarious in it as a fame-hungry contestant. It's silly-satirical, along the lines of Saved!.

Found you though afterellen - love your blog, read it every day :)

That Elle quote is great! I may have to make my very own post about it...

Ashley Plath said...

I'm a Mandy Moore fan -- not every movie or every song -- but still. I think it might have been the Sarah Dessen connection that made me notice her.

Don't get *too* attached to her, okay? We're already gonna have to arm wrestle over Tina Fey. :)

xoxo, ashley

Leila said...

hilarious! i was saying just that exact thing the other day - much less eloquently and with no dry humour - yes, we have to give mandy moore the benefit of the doubt.

i think she will be an amaaaazing 40 year old. just you, uh, wait.

Heather Anne said...

This is one of my favorite posts! I have enjoyed Mandy Moore for a long time. You're right, though: when she first came on the scene, she drew a lot of comparison to Britney and Jessica. I think it's safe to say she is in a whole different league than them now.

jbaz23 said...

The Weepies really? That's pretty great. Love them, so how could her work with them not be good...