Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Blog Crush

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Since my internet connection is still painfully unpredictable, I thought instead of my normal prattle I’d shine a little light on some other fine specimens of blogology out there on the world wide interweb. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, since sending out blog love is a great way to pay it forward (but in a good way, not in that crappy, Kevin Spacey-is-a-scarred-teacher-with-a-tragic-past kind of way). So now seems like a perfect time to start a new occasional feature called “My Blog Crush” (Weekend Crush, Blog Crush…I take an idea and run with it until my legs hurt).

To kick things off I am going to spotlight one of my first blog crushes. Long before I had this little outpost, I stalked Post No Bills: New York Adventures in Banality obsessively (seriously, I think one weekend I sat down and read her entire archive…Sorry, Ms. Post No Bills, I’m taking medication now and there is no need for alarm…I think…) Her tagline reads: “Like Bridget Jones, except gay, more hopeless, and an even bigger ass.” Now if that isn’t endearing, then the word has lost all meaning to me.

Why the love? Well, the writing is spot on. Equal parts honest and hilarious, Ms. Post No Bills (whose nom-de-blog is NYC Rouge) chronicles her relationship with the Big Apple and lesbian life. Plus, she likes to curse. I fucking love a woman who swears.

If you bookmark her site (which I highly recommend), you’ll be treated to her ongoing lesbian adventures, adorably acronymed OFTL: Operation Find The Lesbians, OFAG: Operation Find A Girlfriend, and OPMW: Operation Prove Me Wrong.

Also, while I’ve never met Rouge, she seems like a very nice gal with a great little wit on her (Who doesn’t like a nicely formed wit? Can I get an amen, ladies?) So, if you are Single and Sane and live in the New York area, drop her a line. Just make sure you are both Single and Sane. I know, that girl has impossibly high standards.


nycrouge said...

And here I was worried that I swore too much. Thanks for the blog love, Ms. Snarker!

EnnuiHerself said...

I would like to commend you on your excellent choice for a blog crush. Because Rouge is awesome and the world should know!

Plus, with your selection, I too will benefit with an increase of hits on my own blog.

Anonymous said...

You do realise you've uped Post No Bills traffic by 100% by putting her on your Blog Crush!

Thanks for the recommendation. She *is* funny and self deprecating and droll. I love that :)