Sunday, April 08, 2007


Alas, my modem died a quick painful death this weekend, so until I get a new one posting will be spotty and tardy at best. Please bear with me and say a little prayer to the technology gods for my poor, tortured soul.

UPDATE I : Modem -- still broken. Me -- Sitting in the furthest corner of my living room where I can pick up a very faint, very tenuous wireless connection.
UPDATE II: My ISP promises that my new modem with a newer, faster connection will arrive Wednesday. For now, I cling to this feeble wireless signal as if it was the last life vest on the Titanic.
UPDATE III: Fucking hell. It’s Wednesday and NO MODEM! Damn you AT&T! You’re dead to me. Dead, I say.


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Anonymous said...

praise the Lord! praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Damn! I've been out of town for a long weekend away from the computer, and I came home to this! You should have a fundraiser - a sort of lesbian gossip bake sale. I'll contribute a dozen cupcakes!


Calixthe said...

stand firm in the tempest, light is not so far. And for the fundraiser, I'll send some french wine, so tasty with cupcakes.