Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ashlee gets Cured

If you stare at them long enough, they start to look alike...seriously.When I first read this, I was sure it was an April Fools’ Day gag. Robert Smith of The Cure teaming up with Ashlee Simpson? Clearly, it had to be a joke. Something akin to Google’s toilet-based wireless broadband kit. But, then I checked the date on the original EW story and, holy shit, it’s legit. Say it with me, “WTF?!?”

The pop singer/lip syncher formerly known as Jessica Simspon’s brunette sister could be collaborating with the boy who doesn’t cry or expose himself to direct sunlight or own a comb. This is as wrong as Robert Smith is pale. As a teenager, The Cure was the soundtrack to all my dark and broody dreams. Even today, when that HP commercial comes on playing “Pictures of You” I stop to listen. This news is, to quote Bette, so fucking unacceptable.


Heather Anne said...

Looks like they're already sharing eye makeup.

Reoh said...

I can't believe this. Robert Smith?? What happened to make you do this??

red said...

I spent my teenage years sitting in the dark listening to the Cure hating people who pretended to create (bad) music like Ashlee Simpson...how is it that they're teaming up? Do they really want to make everyone hate their lives? Is this some clever ploy to sell more emo records?