Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hey mom, can I borrow your pants?

CLICK to enlarge these atrocitiesWhat the hell? Seriously, neither of these two own full-length mirrors? Please, let this not mean that super high-waisted pants are really, truly back. Now, as overjoyed as I am that the era of the visible coin slot may finally be over, this is in no way an improvement. We shouldn’t go from pants that show off your ass cleavage to pants that come up to your actual cleavage. Is there no happy medium, people? Can we not agree that ultra low-rise and ultra mom-rise cuts are both terribly unflattering and just plain wrong? You shouldn’t be able to tuck your breasts into your pants. Ever. We must be vigilant and nip this latest trend in the bud before the warm weather arrives, otherwise we’re destined to a summer of starlets wearing high-waisted formal shorts and… Sweet merciful Jesus, no! We’re too late! Run, save yourselves!

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