Monday, April 09, 2007

Rock on

Last week, “30 Rock” was renewed for a second season causing joy among fans of the show and lovers of smart girls with glasses everywhere. Tina Fey has long been a personal favorite and the show will forever be in my good graces for introducing the world to bi-curious shoes. Wired magazine recently ran an interesting little piece on how the rise of HDTV affects the sets and stars of “30 Rock.” Tina had her own thoughts on perils of hi-def:

“HD video is beautiful for sports, but it doesn’t help comedy, and it doesn’t help humans. I hate being shot on HD video, because I look like two Frankensteins raped a Dracula.”

I can only assume that Tina is referring to the mysterious childhood scar that runs up her left cheek. And while I couldn’t agree less with her self assessment, I couldn’t love her more for her self-deprecating, whip-sharp humor.


Anonymous said...


I always knew you were cool, but your love of 30 Rock seals the deal for me. This show freakin' rocks! Tina Fey will certainly get the last laugh...dorky, uncomfortable, neurotic women unite!

ravaj said...

sorry to hear about your modem. if it is any comfort, blogger has been making it difficult for many people to post this holyday weekend.

meanwhile, my cash-strapped little sister has taken to wandering up and down her street in the dark to find some wi-fi, and my mother has been trapped in a country house weekend full of belligerent 20somethings.

hoping the week gets better for all of us.

Heather Anne said...


I love Tina Fey for serious.

ABBAGirl said...

that sure is a random-assed quip from tina fey. but that's why i love her!

self-deprecating but witty and hilarious. that's why i love her!

the glasses help, too. ;)