Friday, January 26, 2007

When you wish upon a star

CLICK to see the trippiness of it allSo this morning I was minding my own business conducting very important internet searches on things like “claire danes dancer” and “christina ricci chains,” when I noticed something odd hanging out on the Yahoo frontpage. I thought, hey, is that Beyoncé? In a teacup? Yes, indeed, it was Beyoncé in a teacup – with Lyle Lovett and Oliver Platt. Then I started to think, did someone stir something funny into my coffee? But my visions weren’t the result of a hallucinatory spiking of my morning cuppa cuppa. Instead they were a result of Annie Leibovitz joining The Mouse to create ads for the happiest place on earth.

CLICK to see Cinderella up close and personal

USA Today reports that the images are part of Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams campaign. These star-studded shots, which include Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella and David Beckham as Sleeping Beauty’s prince, are only the first in an ongoing series. Leibovitz – who had a 20-plus year relationship with writer Susan Sontag until her death in 2004 – has a remarkable eye and uncanny ability to bring out the best in her famous subjects. So, ad campaign or not, I’m looking forward to the next series which will include Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and The Little Mermaid Ariel.

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