Friday, January 26, 2007

Google me this

For whatever reason I had a flood of visitors yesterday who found Surrenders by Googling “tammy lynn blog.” These sightseers were searching for Hollywood Farm Girl, the not-so-anonymous blog by Tammy Lynn Michaels (née Mrs. Melissa Etheridge), which I wrote about back in October. This piqued my own interest so I took another look. What I found was a pretty fascinating post on embattled stars Isaiah Washington and Rosie O’Donnell (who aren’t mentioned by name, but come on). Apparently, they’re both friends of Melissa and Tammy’s.

On Isaiah:
i forgive his words,
because truth be told
i do not believe
the word
lives in his heart

On Rosie:
she is far braver than i
perhaps she has less fear than i
but either way
i do not recognize the fictional character
the media has been developing

Tammy also ruminates, as she frequently does, on the nature of fame. So, thanks random readers for inadvertently tipping me off. That was worth a look. I’m still not sold on the inexplicable trend of famous lesbians blogging in verse, but since I’m feeling uncharacteristically nice today I’ll let that one slide.


Bainshee said...

Yeah, blame the media and not Rosie. Blame Trump but not the media. You know, I don't agree with what Trump has said and feel he has been out of line, but am I a bad lesbian in believing we should not support someone simply because they are a lesbian?

I find it extremely shallow.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to point out that "née Mrs. Melissa Etheridge" is probably not the correct phrase to use here as "née" is French for "born." Unless, of course, that you meant that she was born to be Melissa'a wife...well, then that's something altogether different.