Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pre-L: Lassoed

Girl Posse in da HizzieL403 - “Lassoed”
I’ve decided to post my season 4 L Word pre-caps on Saturday, instead of Sunday. Gives you an extra day to study. Enjoy.

1) Jenny gets a bad case of vagina wig 2) Shane and Shay go back to school.

3) T&A Nadia gets frisky. Bette Purrs. But will she pounce? 4) Alice and Helena are the Oscar and Felix of lesbian roommates.

5) Max apparently shops at the Manly Man clothing store. Grease smudges not included. Nor are swim trunks.
6) Tina hosts a gay-straight mixer. It’s just as boring as it sounds.

7) Shane, Papi. Papi, Shane.
8) Angus tastes success. Tastes like chicken. Rubber chicken.

9) Phyllis cowgirls up. And dreams of lassoing a certain lil’ doggie.
New Guestbian Count: 0

Best Line: “Try not to make her feel like she is the oldest fucking lesbian on the planet.” - Bette

Low Point: Not-so-sly dig at L Word critics: “Lesbians love to eat their own. It’s true.” - Alice

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