Friday, January 26, 2007

My Weekend Crush

My heart always melts a little when I listen to Norah Jones. That voice, oh that voice. Sure, sometimes it’s so soothing you slip into a mellow coma. But Norah’s still the real deal. She sold 20 million records and won five Grammies before she hit 25. And while she could have stayed in the sweet, jazzy spot she had staked out with “Come Away With Me,” Norah chose a dustier road with her countrified follow up “Feels Like Home.” That duet with Dolly Parton? Adorable. Norah has her own country band, The Little Willies. And lest we peg her as only silky softness, check out her punk side in El Madmo. Yes, that’s Norah in fishnets. Hello. Tuesday, her third CD “Not Too Late” hits store shelves. I’ll be waiting. Happy weekend, all.


RedBeet said...

She's just so...dreamy.

[sigh of undeniable affliction]

Orhan Kahn said...

When you hear her speak naturally you don't expect such a beautiful singing voice.